BETWEEN THE BURIED AND ME Aim to Release New Album in Early 2018


Guitarist Paul Waggoner shared an update on the new Between the Buried and Me album – their 8th record and follow-up to 2015′s Coma Ecliptic - saying on The Metal Teddy Bear Experience:

“We’re in the process of mixing it right now. It’s probably almost done.

“We’re getting it mixed by Jens Bogren in Sweden. Hopefully that will be done and mastered and then there will be sort of a marketing phase.

“And we’ll hopefully get this thing released early next year. January – February timeframe.”

Asked whether they have a title ready, Paul replied:

“We do have some names kicking around. We haven’t publicized it yet, we kinda have to decide. We kinda narrowed it down to a couple.”

Asked for “any hints,” Paul said:

“Not really. Mainly because I don’t know what it’s gonna be.

“It’s just a word anyway. I guess when the time comes and we decide what it’s gonna be called, it’ll be announced.

“Right now, basically we’re just deciding between two words that we feel sort of capture the lyrical concept. Also it’s a catchy name.”

Asked if we’re looking at a concept record, Waggoner replied:

“It is a concept album lyrically, but it’s looser of a concept. It’s a story and whatnot.

“I won’t go into too much detail, it’s probably more of a Tommy [Giles Rogers Jr, the singer] thing that I’m sure he’ll have to talk about a lot.

“But lyrically, it does follow a story, it does have a concept. It does sort of have a message that we’re trying to get across, and it’s one that I think jives pretty well with the music.

“As far as the specifics of it, I didn’t write the lyrics, and I feel Tommy could probably articulate it much better than I could. It is a concept album of sorts, maybe a little looser of a concept than in the past. And a little less sci-fi.”

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