Exclusive: Hear Ferocious “Having a Ball” by Denver’s BODY STACKER

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Denver, Colorado metallers Body Stacker have recently completed work on a new album entitled Drinking Songs for the End of the World. The album is scheduled for the June 26th release, and today the band is teaming up with Prog Sphere for a premiere of a debut single off of the album. Listen to the album opener “Having a Ball” below.

“Having a Ball” is an introduction to the protagonist of the record’s storyline and the hard-partying lifestyle of this unlikely hero. About what can be expected from Drinking Songs for the End of the World, drummer Brian Townsand commented:

You can expect a lot of surprises on this album, from 3 minute adrenaline bursts to slow and menacing passages about a man battling his way through a post apocalyptic world full of ancient curses, a devastating pathogen, marauding alien warriors and more! You will definitely find our signature fast and relentless Body Stacker songs on the record, but we have incorporated a lot of heavy and dark material as well. On a scale of 1 to 10 I would give this album a 7 for variety, because it is a departure from the just straightforward thrash/crossover style of our prior album. I’m very proud of ‘Drinking Songs for the End of the World’ and confident that fans of any metal genres will enjoy record.

Before launching the album on June 26th, Body Stacker plan on releasing another single. The band also has a number of US dates planned for the late May/early June, with more tour dates to be announced for later in the year.

Hear a ferocious attack of “Having a Ball” from the macabre, science fiction/fantasy album “Drinking Songs for the End of the World” below, and stay tuned for more Body Stacker news by following them on Facebook and Instagram.

Body Stacker Spring 2019 tour dates:

5/24/19 Laramie, WY. @ Ruffed up Duck

5/25/19 Denver, CO. @ Streets of London

5/27/19 Louisville, KY. @ Highland Taproom

5/30/19 Albuquerque, NM. @ Culo Cabana

5/31/19 Las Cruces, NM. @ Pumpkin’s

6/01/19 El Paso, TX. @ The Rockhouse

6/03/19 Los Angeles, CA. @ Rec Center

6/04/19 Los Angeles, CA. @ The Blvd

6/06/19 Provo, UT. @ City Limits

 Body Stacker is:

Brian Townsand – drums

Matt McClellan – guitar and vocals

Ted Anderson – bass

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