Oslo’s BEYOND THE BARRICADE Speak Up About Income Inequality on “S I C K N E S S”

Oslo's BEYOND THE BARRICADE Speak Up About Income Inequality on "S I C K N E S S"

Oslo-based progressive metalcore four-piece Beyond the Barricade return with the release of a new single titled “S I C K N E S S,” for which the band will also release a music video in the near future.

“S I C K N E S S” is inspired by the current state of the world and how income inequality is being exacerbated by the wealthy and elite. Being from Norway, a small socialist country that takes care of its citizens, Beyond the Barricade know how good things can be.

The band states, “Looking around the world and seeing societies not caring about their poor and disenfranchised is infuriating. The actions during the recent pandemic has shown us that the rich and powerful don’t care about anybody but themselves, and that they’re willing to let people die if they can keep making more money. We’re hoping that channeling some of the anger that people feel will cause a change for the better.

Beyond the Barricade - S I C K N E S S

The single was originally written in 2019 by guitarist and songwriter Vincent Older and has not passed through many changes since then.

The way we usually write songs is that Vincent creates a basic idea and then we play with it at rehearsal for a while so that everyone can get their input,” Beyond the Barricade comment and go on saying, “Our vocalist Michael Enger then writes lyrics and then the song usually only becomes really finished once we’ve played it live a few times. However, because of the pandemic our usual way wasn’t possible so we opted for recording the song as it was. Michael currently lives in London so the finished recording was sent to him so that he could write new lyrics for it, and then he came to Norway to record it along with the two other singles we’ve released.

“S I C K N E S S” features a guest appearance from singer Martin Wenneberg. About this collaboration the band said, “In the past year we had gotten to know the band Håndgemeng through our live show promoter, and their vocalist Martin’s really raw screaming style seemed like a perfect fit for the song. During our recording sessions he came to visit us in the studio and add his own anger to the track. It’s our first time having a featured artist but it was really fun and we’re looking forward to having Martin join us on stage the next time we play live.

Beyond the Barricade are currently writing material for their full-length debut to be released in 2021. “Vincent is a songwriting machine and we usually have one or two new tracks to show every time we play live. But seeing as we can’t play any shows anytime soon we’re going to focus our energy on the album and get it all ready for a 2021 release. As soon as things open up we want to hit the road as this band has always been about playing live, so we’re just trying to get as much done now while we have to stay home.

“S I C K N E S S” is available on all major streaming services; listen to it here. The music video for the single is to be launched in the coming days. Follow Beyond the Barricade on Facebook and Instagram.

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