Best of 2015: Geanina’s Top 30 Releases of the Year

TOP 30 by Geanina Chiricuta
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This has been a great year for progressive. The genre is appealing to more and more listeners and music aficionados with the passing of each year. More bands take on the enormous task of taming the multiple facades progressive still hides and with these attempts we are automatically exposed to many new and exciting records. It’s been a tough challenge to limit my choices to only 30 and that by itself tells me a lot. Nevertheless some of my favorite bands took over the first spots, while other new bands have inserted themselves into my playlists and may remain there for many years to come. Without further ado, here are my choices.

30. ATMOSPHERES – The Departure

Slightly post-rock influenced and overflowed by dynamics challenging connections between chords and time signatures, “The Departure” compose a unique mix between lyrics, emotion and instrumental intricacy.

29. VOLA – Inmazes

Consisting of strong composed polyrhythms à la Meshuggah and deep top notch vocals, “Inmazes” sets off to amaze while you drown yourself in thrilling notes and innovative electronic arrangements.

28. SPECIAL PROVIDENCE - Essence of Change

This beautiful Hungarian Jazz quartet borrows some of Satriani’s funky style and mixes it up some layered atmospheric sections and stunning Haken-ish breakdowns. “Essence of Change” manages to reconcile deep and flowing melodies with fantastic technical solos.

27. BORN OF OSIRIS – Soul Sphere

Compared to their previous work, “Soul Sphere” is a much more accessible and solid material, with lots of melodic interludes and surprising vocals. Born of Osiris have topped themselves by trying to merge their passion for the extreme with catchy lines.

26. EARTHSIDE – A Dream in Static

Where dreams identify themselves with passion and love for perfection and art, this musical project alternates cascades of painful soundscapes with powerful sections featuring contrasting piano, guitar and drumming arrangements.

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