Exclusive: AS A CONCEIT Premieres “Running Tired”

Exclusive: AS A CONCEIT Premieres Premieres "Frown Upon Us" via Prog Sphere

As A Conceit is a five-piece progressive metalcore band based in Venice, Italy.

It’s 2016, and the band is back with a vengeance: after releasing their last single in 2015 the band huddled up into the studio to craft their debut full length, out this December 2nd. “Boneheads” was the first track taken from Frown Upon Us, and premiered via Lambgoat, followed by “Idle Hands”, which saw Philip Strand of Normandie on guest vocals, via CaliberTV.

Now, the band has teamed up with Prog Sphere to drop a third and final single, “Running Tired,” which hooks in the listener right from the beginning, when vocalist Fabio screams to the audience “Can you face death in a life without purpose?” 

The band also shed some light on the concept of the track, and what it means to them: “The lyrics of ‘Running Tired’ are about the burden of life we all are carrying, dealing with the feeling of having lost all hopes and letting ourselves go down in a spiral of self-abandonment and detachment from this reality as we’re living it, with a nihilist point of view based on the disillusion we get once we realize we exist without any superior purpose and that our lives are all going to end the same, no matter what we do or achieve during the span of our short existence!

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