A Brief History of the Casino

Gambling has gone hand in hand with developing civilisations throughout our known and recorded history and each era has its own casino history, with gambling almost sewn into the societies throughout history. So, needless to say, the history of the casino is a rich one which spans multiple cultures, countries and continents and new discoveries about the history of the casino are still being discovered in our century. Before online casinos like Top10SlotGames, let’s delve a little deeper and scratch the surface of the history of the casino!

The earliest gamblers in our recorded history were the Chinese, who are known to have gambled in c.2300 BC, which was discovered through the uncovering of tiles that were found which showed gambling as one of their past times. Gambling was also discovered in ancient Egypt through the unearthing of ancient dice which were believed to date back to approximately 1500BC, so needless to say, gambling certainly isn’t a recent past time!

This beloved and entertaining past time soon meant that there was a need to develop a certain place for players to gamble, rather than in more informal places where regular players would frequent. In the 1600s the first established and designated gambling house was created which was named Casino di Venezia and was located in Venice and amazingly the casino is still right where it originally was right stands beside one of Venice’s many beautiful canals. So if you’re interested in history, European culture and love to gamble, visit Casino di Venezia before climate change and flooding call last orders on the original casino! Although this casino was first established in the 1600s, it was not until the 18th century when places like Casino di Venezia have actually named casinos and they spread like wildfire all across Europe. Some of the most famous casinos in the early days were in Germany as well as Monte Carlo.

From its humble European roots, the casino went from strength to strength as it gradually made its way to American and eventually Las Vegas was born which is arguably one of the most famous places in the world for gambling and casino going! Smack bang in the middle of a desert, it was not the most obvious location for a casino, but now it is a booming city of bright lights and 24/7 entertainment.

Las Vegas was brought to life all the way back in the 1900s and it was all started by railroad workers who were on a mission to link up Vegas with the coastline and other bit American cities nearby including Salt Lake City and LA. In the beginning, it was the railroad workers drinking and playing cards and taking part in a lot of debaucheries until the local authorities put a stop to it, making gambling illegal until the 1930s, which is a surprise to a lot of people! Gambling was eventually regulated and legalised so it could be capitalised. That’s not to say that not to say there was no gambling going on before the 1930s, plenty of people still carried on the illegal games in underground casinos that would welcome hundreds of players through their doors.

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