Albums That You Probably Missed in 2016, But You Shouldn’t Have

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2016 didn’t still run its course, but there were quite a few albums this year that you probably missed, but you shouldn’t have. I made a selection of a few albums that I think are the great examples of what this year offers in terms of quality. Most of time, people pay attention to “usual suspects,” but this time we give an opportunity to less known bands and artists.

Anima Tempo – Caged in Memories

It definitely feels as a cliche when saying that an album released early in a year has potential and quality to end the year as one of the best releases. This is how I feel about the debut by Mexican progsters Anima Tempo and their newly released gem Caged In Memories. With an obstacle on the way that is Dream Theater‘s new album The Astonishing, it’s easy to conclude that many newcoming artists will remain unnoticed. I feel somewhat obliged to, at least, try and get your attention to this young band.

What is probably the most amazing about Caged In Memories is the fact that this is the band’s debut album, and it certainly doesn’t feel like that. The band members provide a cohesive work and extremely tight performance throughout the seven tracks’ 54-minute sonic journey. You don’t see a band of this age that good very often. Right from the opening duo “Last Awakening” and “Confessions” they manage to perfectly kick-start an impossibly epic journey. In fact, when you look at the next two songs “Art of Deception” and “Scarlet Angel,” the album’s first four tracks are an incredibly epic journey in and of themselves.

Oriental motifs in “Cellophane Eyes” speak further on how diverse Caged In Memories is. That this album is really an epic journey is depicted through the closing 17-odd minutes title track. It is a statement for itself, and where the band shines mostly in continuity. It opens as a soundtrack written by a renowned composer Hans Zimmer, but it’s not so long before the track takes the symphonic metal direction with bombastic string section and series of massive riffs.

Caged In Memories is a dense and complicated record that any fan of prog metal will embrace and love. It is a slow grower as it’s an ambitious effort by the band that is yet to break the ice, but that doesn’t hold it back from earning it’s place on this year’s best of lists. Only time will tell where exactly this place will be, but Anima Tempo does well for themselves in crafting an album that hopes to carry on in the lineage of classics.

Buy Caged In Memories from Bandcamp.

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