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Utopian Trap – The Human Price

Utopian Trap is an American progressive metal band who just came up with a fresh album titled The Human Price. Before I say anything about the album, I must point out that this sophomore album of the young band is worth enough to be considered as an enchanting experience to your ears.

The album starts with a cinematic entrance with the title track “The Human Price.” The song is almost 10 minutes long, and the connection between the intro part and the rest of the piece is maintained by a robust-sounding bridge fully developed by electric guitars. I, personally, am not a fan of having a title song opens a release, as it feels like a sort of cheating having everything offered right off the bat. However, the track listing of The Human Price breaks my prejudice about this.

Throughout the album, there are tons of strong guitar riffs and notes that make up the solos are very emotional and touching. With the addition of powerful vocals, courtesy of Eric Boles, which are fitting very well with progressive metal Utopian Trap offers here, and considering the sudden rhythm changes, it is shown that this album will carry the band one step forward on their trajectory.

The Human Price is very heavy metal-influenced, as well. You can hear the sounds coming straight from the ‘80s heavy metal. That adds diversity to the album’s structure, and of course makes The Human Price richer.

The weakest link in my personal opinion on the album is the inclusion of harsh vocals on “Wired Ruins.” I don’t find them fitting to the overall vibe of the album, but apart from that there is nothing to complain about, what suggests you that The Human Price gives you enough reasons to give it a try.

On the lyrical side, The Human Price deals with questions: how far the humanity has come? How did we come to where we are today? How is the technology involved in our lives? Did that “modern life” bring happiness to us? Everything has a price to pay. The Human Price.

Buy The Human Price from Bandcamp.

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