Zonk Monk – Disorder ~ Out Of The Cosmos ~

Disorder - Out Of The Cosmos (2011) - ZONK MONKA Japanese keyboard-beauty-based dramatic Neo-symphonic progressive rock.

ZONK MONK, a three-piece rock ensemble based upon twin keyboards, were founded by Keigo “Kegoi” TAKADA (drums), Shoko NAGASAKI (keyboards, organ), and Ai OHNUMA (keyboards, organ) in Osaka, Japan in 2008. This unique “guitar-less” formation draws out their original versatility across various musical genres. Via lots of gigs around Osaka, they’ve appeared upon stage in Tokyo in 2011. and finally their debut EP “Disorder – Out Of The Cosmos”, in collaboration with ISAO, the guitarist of Spark 7, saw the light in November, 2011.

Never forgotten their terrific impression given to me when I met them and watched their gig in Osaka. Ai and Shoko launch dramatic, classic-flavoured and perfectly harmonized keyboard sounds through the whole EP. And Kegoi plays drums along with his aggressive style, without pushing himself in front of the graceful twin keyboards (auditorily and also visually). Amazingly, each individual player – a cool beauty Shoko, a tragically passionate princess Ai, and … a killa drum tiger Kegoi – has her/his own personality and ability for encouraging and inspiring others to create more enthusiastic sounds. Also, the keyboard battles between Ai and Shoko are too hot and of passion for us to listen with keeping safe and sound.

“Into The Green World”, composed by Shoko, has so cool and fresh shower of green air like her, and simultaneously for us the most easily listenable (namely, a bit far from progressive) and the most light- and delightful-touched flavour. Suppose Kegoi’s drumming may be less outstanding in this stuff. Fresh and clear nature including lots of complex and colourful phrases created by Shoko intentionally, a dreamy one.

“U.T. – A Hole In Danger”, launched by Ai (you know the reason I’ve mentioned Ai is a tragically passionate princess above), possesses various appearances quite different from each other … a danceable rhythm groove created by percussive taps around the trio, highly intensive infernal keyboard shouts, magical synthesizer black fantasia, and hearty flower-sound-garden. Mystic and phantasmagorical appearance alterations they’ve shown, as if we saw the snowy light after passing through a long and dark tunnel by a train. Let me say that we can hear their mischievous originality in this stuff. (To be honest, this is my fave really.)

The last track (“Disorder – Out Of The Cosmos”) can let us know what they should mean in their masterpiece … contrary to a classic-tinged piano play, massive and straight symphonic keyboard sunshine plus deeply heavy pedal bass quakes, and explosive, eccentrically rhythmic drumming rumble (with a flood of sweat LOL) soon attacks our ears. A bit seasoned with mainstream but their attitude can be kept strictly, especially upon tense but comfortable keyboard chorus by two beauties, and persistently chivalrous drumming. ISAO’s speed guitar stunts can be fantastic, but amazingly his play may be blown away by the three … yes, ZONK MONK push their assertion forward fully and strongly, we can say?

In conclusion, the EP “Disorder – Out Of The Cosmos” is a good debut one indeed, but sadly it’s a bit tough to realize their actual originality. Looks like they play strictly Neo-symphonic progressive rock leaning toward a bundle of pioneers in the same scene (cannot know if true or not, because of too little and short material of them … they’ve said clearly “not” though). Anyhow, we can get amazed at their theatrical communication with fantastic twin keyboards and strongly passionate drums. Looking forward to their full-length creation maybe coming soon.


1. Into The Green World (5:44)
2. U.T. – A Hole In Danger (6:25)
3. Disorder – Out Of The Cosmos (6:19)

Total Time 18:27


* Keigo “Kegoi” Takada – drums
* Shoko Nagasaki – keyboards, organ
* Ai Ohnuma – keyboards, organ
* ISAO – guitar (3)



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