Xavi Reija – Resolution

Xavi Reija - Resolution

This album was brought to my attention after my review of Dusan Jevtovic‘s album Am I Walking Wrong?, which is same as Xavi Reija‘s Resolution published on NYC-based label MoonJune Records. Jevtovic has provided his splendid guitar work, and together with bassist Bernat Hernandez helped in shaping an extraordinary recording by this Catalan drummer.

A power trio, as one of the jazz fusion’s most common and most efficient set-ups, is by default filled with flawless instrumentation that often raises the intensity and depth of emotion. Xavi Reija on Resolution not only that meets this criteria for a triumphant performance, but multiplies everything mentioned by taking the risk and answering the challenge of exploring. At first, Reija establishes the relationship with Hernandez‘ bass guitar and goes further by tethering with Jevtovic‘s all-over-the-place guitaring. After the initial contact in Flying to Nowhere, Reija turns his drum set into something that is quite vocal and natural, opposed to guitarist’s droning. Xavi‘s storytelling can be sensed in Macroscope, but Shadow Dance largely retracts listener to the story of Resolution by drummer’s hypnotizing cymbal rolls.

Xavi Reija Electric Trio

Xavi Reija, Bernat Hernandez and Dusan Jevtovic

Dreamer is the first piece out of four that enlists all three members as writers, and as such it emphasizes the trio’s cohesiveness at most. Jevtovic‘s guitar plays a roaring countermelody over Reija‘s repetitive drumming as the music feels close to the edge of tearing down the transparent walls. Flirting with minimalism in The Land of the Sirenians is in opposition with up-lifting Unfinished Love, making Resolution being a brazen recording which does not shy to contrast the differences.

Reija doesn’t hesitate to visit unpopular music territories with Resolution. He embraces avant-garde and dissonance, and goes far away from anything conventional. For this and other reasons, this album is not to be missed.


01. Flying to Nowhere
02. Macroscope
03. Shadow Dance
04. Dreamer
05. Abyss
06. The Land of the Sirenians
07. Unfinished Love
08. John’s Song
09. Resolution
10. Gravity
11. Welcome to the End


* Xavi Reija – drums and percussion
* Dusan Jevtovic – guitar
* Bernat Hernandez – bass




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