Wild Rose – Hit ‘N’ Run

Wild Rose - Hit 'N' Run

Wild Rose are an AOR band that were formed in 2004 and released in 2014 their third album, Hit ‘N’ Run. They perform mid-tempo songs in the vein of bands of the eighties like the swedish Alien. After remaining in the shadows of grunge in the eighties, many good AOR bands resurfaced in the decade that followed, and some others were founded, thanks to a growing interest for music of the eighties and the will of labels like Frontier records (among others) to bring to front good old AOR through past heroes of metal like Jorn Lande or Michael Kiske. The music on Wild Rose‘s third offering is very well performed and truly enjoyable. The vocalist is none other than David Saylor, the very same person who lended his voice to Push‘s legendary 1987 record ‘Strange World‘.

Keyboards are overwhelming and their range is quite broad. Cosmic on Through the night, they tackle the best synth-pop acts on I’ll be there. Elsewhere, like on Stay or Don’t walk away, they can be enchanting with echoes of legendary canadian band Boulevard. More surprisingly, they sound eerie on Another day. In any case, keyboards are never demonstrative, they always stay focused on  melody. Guitars, with their dreamy reverberations (I’ll be there, Without your love, Can’t wait on love, All for love) support the melodic load of voice and keyboards. They can be more aggressive (“Stay“, “Give in to me“), this time to fuel the rhythmic assaults. Solos (keyboards and guitar) are scarce in order for the technique not to steal the show from the melody. The voice is in a nonchalant “bad boy” mode, i.e. with a bitter passion. The power ballad Without your love helps better appreciate the vocal signature of the singer. Last but not least, drums, with a beat frequency calibrated to highlight the melodies at best, and with a clever use of hi hat (Can’t wait on love, I want your love), play an instrumental role in the catchiness of songs. Let us not forget that some of the greatest rock drummers are associated to AOR (Jeff Porcaro, Carlos Vega, Simon Phillips, Curt Cress).

Impeccable in its catchy and melodic delivery, Hit ‘N’ Run is a winner. Wild Rose go straight to the point: a focused album from start to end full of mid-tempo songs where catchy choruses abound, leaving no place for a distraction that would spoil the party. AOR Boulevard Records have an ear for quality AOR, and the bands of this label retain the characteristics that made the music of the greatest bands in this realm once so flamboyant. Believe me, as passionate and selective as I am about AOR, Wild Rose‘s Hit ‘N’ Run is certainly worth every single penny you will spend.


01. Through The Night

02. I’ll Be There

03. Stay

04. Without Your Love

05. Another Day

06. Can’t Wait On Love

07. Give In To Me

08. Together

09. Don’t Walk Away

10. All For Love

11. I Want Your Love



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