Various Artists – Records to Ruin Any Party (Voodoo Rhythm Records)

I recently received a promotional copy of the third volume of Voodoo Rhythm Records compilation known as “Records to Ruin Any Party”. Voodoo Records is an independent label from Bern, Switezerland. The compilation is made out of “21 killer tracks”, and it’s pretty vast selection of songs that vary from garage psyche rock, blues rock and funeral music with crusty punky sound walls, to twisted outlaw country tunes. But these genre labels certainly do not end here. I will try to adequately describe all of the tracks presented here, and I hope it will create some kind of sound image and possibly make you interested enough to check out this sampler, as well as some of the bands.

1 – Juke Joint PipmpsDust My Broom opens the CD – this song is a hard edged blues boogie, dirty and straight.

2 – Le Redresseur de Torts of King Automatic stands somewhere between modern music and blues rock with lip accordion and with lyrics sung in French.

3 – Next up is Dead BrothersThe Power a Secret Holds. We come to the first highlight of the compilation. Adorned with strong vocals, violin and string bass, this song divides between mellow and rough.

4 – PussywarmersAshes makes me think “soundtrack”, with all those accordions and hard drumming and it develops in a real psychedelic track later on. This track sounds like it was taken out of Can’s “Soundtracks”.

5 – Two Headed Demon of Urban Junior dwells between electronic and psychedelic, one of those songs that will make your head nod by itself.

6 – Jesus Christ Twist by Reverend Beat-Man is my second favorite track on the record. It’s almost impossible to describe this track, but if you could find some blend of Darkthrone, Pearl Jam, Black
Sabbath and get some punk in the same blender, you would probably get something close to this. A heavy track at moments with vocals that sound like the members are about to rise from the grave.

7 – John Schooley and His One Man Band comes next with the track called Every Day Can Get you Down. It’s a mixture of hard rock, blues and a pinch of punk with traditional blues singing.

8 – Possessed by Paul James and their song Cold and Blind brings to mind Gram Parsons and a strong folk/rock feeling with banjo and a husky voice that repeats “Falling in and out of love, falling in and out of love…”.

9 – Next up is Zeno Tornado and the Boney Google Brothers with Blood, and this track evokes Mr. Johnny Cash. It makes me think of Walk the Line, when Johnny stands in the hall of St. Quentin’s prison and plays for the inmates. This is the third highlight of the compilation and my second favorite track.

10 – SixtyninersTeardrops keeps on where the previous track finished, bringing Johnny Cash to mind who’s telling stories in his old way. Mr. Cash would be proud of these guys.

11 – After short country picnic we are back in the game with Mama Rosin and Le Pistolet track, a funny sounding song in traditional Irish style that brings back nodding again and makes you scream

“woo-hoo” while it plays.

12 – Bob Log III serves a track called My Shit is Perfect, some kind of psychedelia with garage fuzz and a telephone voice over it.

13 – Delaney Davidson with the track Lackie’s Men is my favorite track on this sampler. Only vocals and acoustic guitars build up this song and you can’t believe how energetic it is until you hear it. The acoustic solo in the middle will blow your mind out and probably make Paco Lucia feels jealous. It’s a hell of a good song, mark my words!

14 – It’s time for Hipbone Slim and the Knee TremblersHung, Drawn and Quartered, who will take care of you and make your knees tremble, in case you want to dance. In short, Chicago Boogie Blues at its best.

15 – The Coo-Coo Bird of Andy Dale Petty pulls back ol’ good banjo and folksy elements, the kind of song that makes me feel like sitting somewhere in the middle of Arizona, dirty and with no money, with no clear perspective of future. No, your dear reviewer hasn’t been smoking any pot (at least not while writing this…).

16 – Desert rock at the beginning of Movie Star JunkiesAlmost a God turns into mellow psyche-led rock that stands there until the end.

17 – If we had memory of Johnny Cash in some of the previous songs, then I Had a Dream of Roy and the Devil’s Motorcycle brings Chris Isaac to mind. There’s simply no more to say, except that it’s a pretty good track and (with a running time at just under six minutes) one of the longest on the sampler.

18 – And the next one, Glassel Park of The Guilty Hearts, is the shortest one and to me it sounds like a straight punk rock song.

19 – King Khan and His Shrines come next with the song Tell Me, and a performance of trumpet-led rock’n'roll.

20 – The Come N’ Go with Heart’s Desire takes again take a punk rock direction.

21 – The compilation closes with I’m Going Away Girl by The Monsters, performing psychedelic rock with vocals that scream the lungs out.

To summarize, Records to Ruin Any Party Vol. 3 is a very good sampler that surely has a lot to offer. If you are interested enough to decid to seek something new, then check Voodoo Rhythm catalog, as there will be something for you. I’m looking forward to 4th volume, as well as the first two, since I haven’t heard them yet.


01. The Juke Joint Pimps – Dust My Broom

02. King Automatic – Le Redresseur de Torts

03. Dead Brothers – The Power a Secret Holds

04. Pussywarmers – Ashes

05. Urban Junior – Two Headed Demon

06. Reverend Beat-Man – Jesus Christ Twist

07. John Schooley and His One Man Band – Every Day Can Get You Down

08. Possessed by Paul James – Cold and Blind

09. Zeno Tornado and the Boney Google Brothers – Blood

10. Sixtyniners – Teardrops

11. Mama Rosin – Le Pistolet

12. Bob Log III – My Shit is Perfect

13. Delaney Davidson – Lackie’s Men

14. Hipbone Slim and the Knee Tremblers – Hung, Drawn and Quartered

15. Andy Dale Petty – The Coo-Coo Bird

16. Movie Star Junkies – Almost a God

17. Roy and the Devil’s Motorcycle – I Had a Dream

18. The Guilty Hearts – Glassell Park

19. King Khan and His Shrines – Tell Me

20. The Come N’ Go – Heart’s Desire

21. The Monsters – I’m Going Away Girl


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