Unable to Know – Mirrors

Unable to Know - Mirrors

Hailing from Maastricht in the Netherlands, Unable To Know is a 5-piece band founded in 2010  that plays alternative rock with a psychedelic vibe and astonishing female vocals. ‘Mirrors’, released in 2013, is their very first effort.

All along the 5 pieces that constitute this EP, the most striking feature is the passionate singing of Myrna Van Roseveldt. She could move mountains with her voice, it is so powerful that it is hard to imagine. On “We believe in symmetry”, though, they are a bit rap-like in verses, in line with the groovy rhythm backed by the snoring bass. But that doesn’t make them weaker, on the contrary it proves their open-mindedness, which is always a good sign. The choruses are anthemic, quite close to the punk-rock ones, you know the ones you can sing along to. The guitarist seems completely possessed, the solos are indeed crazy, as if each time he touches his strings, he receives a discharge and cannot control his playing anymore. Drums are played calmly, but one can sense a will to depart from the direction imposed, like in the psychedelic acts of the late sixties. Our five young Dutch people really get a kick out of their playing and the result is a true delight for our ears.

With very strong hooks and impressive technique given the young age of the musicians, this EP predicts a lot of good things for the future. Let’s hope that the audience will be present so that the band will be able to keep the faith in their musical endeavours.


01 Fly Away

02 Rocks, Bricks, Stones

03 We Believe In Symmetry

04 Don’t Change me

05 The One



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