Überfall – Treasures

Some treasures from Switzerland!

This is the second album I listen from Überfall, a band that consisted on three members: Markus Stauss on sax, Pit Kayser on keys and voices, and Andy Muckenhrin on drums. They were together for some years in the 80s and then disbanded in the early 90s, however, last year (2010) the name of Überfall appeared once again, due to the release of an interesting album in which one can appreciate the music they created when they were together.

“Treasures” was an excellent choice for a name, and I truly believe they do consider each and every song featured here as a treasure. Now I will quote some words written in the first page of the CD booklet that describes what you will find here: “ an anthology of happy little dancing tunes offers dramatic sarcasm, frightful facts and resistance against standardization. 1984-1991”
So now you could have just a slice of an idea of what is it about, the bad thing for me here is that I cannot understand the lyrics, so I may not get their ideology, but well, what I enjoy here is the music after all.

This album released under Fazzul Music features fourteen compositions which make a total time of 70 minutes. What this Swiss trio (with some guest musicians) offers is a mixture of avant-garde, jazz, progressive rock, with some humor, complex compositions and weird sounds.
Despite the songs here were composed several years ago (25 years, some of them) this is the first time that these versions appear on a CD, so here we have a kind of old-new album.

I love the mixture of sounds here, from the craziness of some tracks (Strahlen), the hypnotism of “Kulturbetrieb”, to the gentle and charming musical passages created in “so froh”, the powerful bass notes on “Überall”, and the delightful and challenging songs such as “November” or “Total”. Another good thing is that they managed to create music that share different emotions, sometimes it leads you to a moment of tension, while in other you are tranquilized.

The music is pretty rich and interesting, though there are a couple of songs that are not really outstanding, and I have to admit that the voice is not actually my cup of tea, the album in general is strong and interesting without a doubt. These three musicians did a great job, and it is a fortune for us prog rock fans that they decided to save from the nothing some of those “forgotten” treasures and give us a CD. This anthology is recommendable to any prog lover, especially if you like jazz and avant-garde music.

Enjoy it!

Track list:
1. Überfall 3’44” *
2. Total 6’54”
3. … in alle Ewigkeit 1’24” *
4. Strahlen 4’29”
5. So Froh 4’21” *
6. Kuckuck 7’25”
7. Kulturbetrieb 3’53”
8. Pit’s tune 3’00” **
9. Überall 6’15”
10. Irgendwo 4’09”
11. Wie einst im Mai 6’22”
12. November 7’39”
13. Überraschungsfrisur 4’43”
14. Endzeit 6’00”

Total playtime: 70:00′


* Pit Kayser – keyboards & vocals
* Markus Stauss – saxophones & extras
* Andy Muckenhirn – drums

* Jean Chaine – electric bass on 1. & 5.
* Caroline Fahrni – violin on 5.
* André Müller – baritone sax on 5.
* Alex Schaub – electric bass on 8. – 14.

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