Turbulence – Disequilibrium

Turbulence - Disequilibrium

It’s one thing to get a quality product from a source you would expect, but another entirely for one to seemingly pop out of nowhere. Turbulence managed to put forth a very good debut album, while showing great potential to put out even better albums in years to come. It’s refreshing to see an album simply featuring strong melodic work by the whole band, and with singer Owmar El Hage fronting this Lebanese act.

Disequilibrium” features several excellent songs, and between them they showcase a bit of the variety on the album. After the opening intro “Hypnagogia,” the album continues with “Richardson’s Nightmare,” a heavy hitter that is on par with some of Dream Theater’s work. “Never Let Me Go” jumped out at me immediately as what might end up being one of the best ballads of the year, and it features soft and luscious vocals from El Hage.

The band continues in the same mood with “Everlasting Retribution,” but tracks “My Darkest Hour” and the closing title track is where the band actually provides their best on “Disequilibrium.” Not only is there a bit of technical flash thrown into the songs, but fantastic melodies from both guitars and keyboards throughout them.

While the band certainly pushed the envelope lyrically and vocally, it is the instrumentation where they actually stand out. “Disequilibrium” is for the most part fantastic, especially for a debut, and it sounds a good bit better than one would expect from a band recording their first album. Buy this, and at very least you are getting an album with an interesting story and a lot of great vocal melodies topped with even greater instrumental work.


01. Hypnagogia
02. Richardson’s Nightmare
03. Never Let Me Go
04. Everlasting Retribution
05. My Darkest Hour
06. Disequilibrium


* Owmar El Hage – vocals
* Mood Yassin – keyboards
* Alain Ibrahim – guitars
* Charles Bou Samra – bass
* Sayed Gereige – drumms



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