Album Review: Tilted Axes – Music for Mobile Electric Guitars

Tilted Axes

Tilted Axes is the pet of guitarist Patrick Grant who gathered a team of premier musicians who’ve played together in various settings in the past, but (possibly) never in this ensemble configuration before. The ensemble has put out a debut album titled Music for Mobile Electric Guitars earlier this year.

The way I feel about the group is that, I guess, Tilted Axes started as a kind of improvised jazz big-band but with enough rock elements and energy to give them entry to that camp too. The other labels like avant rock, krautrock, psychedelic and prog rock old and new have been added. It’s closer to the truth that the group has defined a genre on their own through the music. Anyhow, Music for Mobile Electric Guitars is still instrumental improvised music. Sometimes so brutal that the headaches threaten, dominated by impressive energetic drums and bass, glowing guitar parts and atmospherics. But the band also knows when to calm down, relax and create beautiful lyrical soundscapes. As far as I can hear, this cannot be all improvisation; at least there has to be some planning in advance when to calm down or heat up things. Most of time the band is somewhere in between; seldom really melodic and never pure noise.

Music for Mobile Electric Guitars

I am particularly fascinated by the tracks where the calmer parts dominate more than usual. The opening track “Shapes 1″ starts alarmingly melodic with rhythm section passage to a layered guitarwork with hints towards King Crimson. There are so many other moods and sounds involved here that it would take me a huge chunk of time to elaborate. You name a music style and Tilted Axes will give you an answer on that. With style. The interplay between the group members sets the foundation for everything else that’s going on, and that is the band’s continuous exploring of vast and unknown of sound. They are indeed on a look for the right tones, and without doubt they succeed in reaching and putting them right where they belong.

Music for Mobile Electric Guitars is an album that sneaks from behind; it’s melodic and experimental, but most importantly it’s an album where the band doesn’t loose any of its edge. A very fascinating record that asks for time, and time is something we definitely don’t lack of.


1. Shapes 1
2. Circulation in G Maybe
3. Tilted Axes Theme
4. Pedal Swells
5. Theme Variation
6. Rivera Court
7. Techno Tilt
8. Kneadle Variation
9. Asciae Obliquiae
10. Alamo Tilt
11. Polymetric Patterns
12. Beaubien Blues
13. Corridor 84 + Krimson Coda
14. Shapes 2
15. Tuanna Claonta
16. Harmonic Revolutions
17. The Sound of Burning Chairs

Line-up / credits:

Electric Guitars:
Patrick Grant, Matt Grossman, Daniel Reyes Llinas, John Halo, Randolph Hudson III, Reinaldo Perez, Nick Didkovsky, Gene Pritsker, Howard Glazer, Anthony Mullin, Larry Simon

Chapman Stick:
Jeremy Nesse

Electric Bass:
Dan Cooper, Patrick Grant

Drums & Percussion:
John Ferrari, Cesare Papetti

Produced by Patrick Grant

Recorded at John Kilgore Sound NYC, Peppergreen Media NYC, and the Ferrari Factory NJ

Recording engineer for Kilgore sessions: Garry Rindfuss
Guitar and amp consultant for Kilgore sessions: Nick Didkovsky

Mixed at Mercy Sound Studios NYC
Mixing engineer: Garry Rindfuss

Mastered by Sheldon Steiger

Tilted Axes logo revamp by Eric Iverson

All titles by Patrick Grant except for Track 8 & Track 13 which include variations on material by Robert Fripp and used by permission of Discipline Global Mobile (DGM)

All titles published by Peppergreen Media (ASCAP)




Cover photo by Jocelyn-Gonzales

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