Therein – Nobelium (2015)

Therein - Nobelium

Therein is an Australian progressive metal band based in Brisbane. Their music is heavily influenced by Frank Zappa, but they also list artists such Opeth, King Crimson, Dream Theater, and Tom Waits. In 2013, Therein put out their debut release “Nobelium,” which was recently re-issued with new songs and production.

This reissue feels like if the band completed some unfinished work by adding new tracks. The thing that mostly takes attention in the songs is passages between brutal and clean vocals on one side, and passages between metal and folk on the other side. Hats off to the singer Cameron Whelan, who in a very creative way manages to perform these shifts. The best example of the mentioned shifting passages reflects through the second number on the record, Introspect, which recalls the old Katatonia.

The album’s diversity is best shown through Mandoblues, which gives away a taste of oldies mixed with brutal vocals. The longest song on the album, A Lamentation takes some time to transforms from a slow acoustic power chords over an ongoing electric solo to an ode to doom spiced with prog metal arrangements. Folk and oriental influences accompanied with a dark and gloomy sound in the way of In The Woods… are what Comprehension is made of.

Therein once again switch on diversity in an instrumental piece Samual’s Reel, a track inspired by acoustic work of Tom Waits.

Every song on “Nobelium” is a new experience, with its distinctive sound and soul. There is still space for improvement, and perhaps that is mostly needed in arrangements, which could be more focused. However, Therein has very strong material with “Nobelium,” and it will be interesting to see what comes next.


1. Plutus Unblind 08:33
2. Introspect 07:48
3. Mandoblues 05:03
4. Drum Solo 00:01
5. Audacious Erotica 04:56
6. A Lamentation 09:41
7. Comprehension 07:11
8. Samual’s Reel 05:43
9. Triune Brain 04:07


* Cameron Whelan – guitars, mandolin, vocals, and other stuff

* Ryan Boyd – guitars, fret fondling, and complaints manager

* Kned Gulliford – drums, percussion, and BV’s


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