The Under – The Under EP

The Under - The Under

Boston retro hard/prog rock trio The Under returned in June with the release of their third release, an EP that is called “The Under.” This is their second self-titled release, but it doesn’t mean that there are any reworked songs on “The Under” 2015, but it’s an EP with totally new material. Putting it shortly, “The Under” is recommendable to anyone who enjoys the recent revival of the old school heavy rock sound.

It’s very obvious from the opening “The Strenghthening” that the trio worships a heavy guitar sound based around riffs, and improvised guitar and drum exhibitions – it could be said that these guys are immigrants from the 1970’s. Across the EP, The Under channel the vintage sound of Rush, Led Zeppelin, Atomic Rooster, Motorhead, to name but a few.

The Under

“The Under” swings from up-tempo rockers like the mentioned opener or the closing “The Harvest,” to slower, more somber numbers in between: “The Fear,” “Insidious,” and “Apotheosis.” The band often changes tempo, so it’s no surprise to hear heavy rock’s transition into more progressive and thrash metal waters.

Singer (and guitarist) Dan Costa’s vocals give a certain vibe to the overall soundscape and are certainly a highlight of The Under’s sound, as does his guitar work and drummer Randy Odierno’s drumming. Paired with the steady rhythms of bassist Ben Sternbaum, and the whole thing comes together brilliantly.

“The Under” is a satisfying release, and giving it a chance can definitely turn into a nice experience. Fans of heavy rock, progressive and thrash metal, and everything in between will find this release interesting. You can get it from the band’s Bandcamp here, as a “name-your-price” download.


1. The Strenghthening 05:41
2. The Fear 06:08
3. Insidious 05:14
4. Apotheosis 06:22
5. The Harvest 05:57


Dan Costa – vocals, guitars
Randy Odierno – drums
Ben Sternbaum – bass



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