Album Review: The Stone – Teatar Apsurda

The Stone, Serbia

Some bands can get away with pigeonholing themselves into a specific sound without drawing criticisms of being unadventurous or uninspired. Serbian black metal band The Stone are definitely one of these bands; releasing their 8th full-length through a newly founded label Mizantropeon Records, Teatar Apsurda marks minimal change from their previous LP Nekroza, but the full effect of their music is still achieved.

The Belgrade-based outfit continue to stick to their tried-and-tested cavernous style of black metal, with relatively long, drawn out songs and a vortex of blast beats and tremolo-picked riffs creating a horrifying, inescapable atmosphere. Unlike the previous record which opened with some kind of a folklore chant mixed with Lovecraftian sympho ambient, Teatar Apsurda opens up with a cannonade of crushing, but still ominous, riffs right off the bat, bursting into a fully-fledged, blackened death metal passage. Titled “Gavranovo,” this song sets the precedent for the next six songs of what proves to be some of the most vicious and atmospheric black metal you will hear this year.

The Stone - Teatar Apsurda

Despite the rather predictable nature of this record, there are some slight changes from The Stone’s previous efforts which make it at least slightly distinguishable. The production, work of Honza Kapak (Avenger), has had a bit of a makeover, with a noticeably thicker, more low-end sound, as well as the vocals being higher in the mix. Nefas’ vocals themselves have improved noticeably, with a range of high-pitched shrieks and deep, guttural bellows, often layered on top of each other to add to the chaotic atmosphere.

Perhaps the most noticeable aspect of this record is the length of the songs. Writing lengthy songs has never been uncharted territory for The Stone, but here they push the envelope even further, with four songs reaching over seven minutes in length.

In summary, the good news for black metal enthusiasts everywhere is that, if this record is anything to go by, 2017 has added a(nother) great release to the fold. Teatar Apsurda grabs the listener by the throat and throws them head first into it, with no hint of an escape until the dying moments of the title track. With its penchant for vast track lengths, dizzying riffs and terrifyingly atmospheric leads, whatever words you may use to describe Teatar Apsurda — “easy” is certainly not one of them.

Pre-order Teatar Apsurda from Mizantropeon Records here. Stream the title song below.


1. Gavranovo – 7:36
2. Mrtvog negativ – 5:53
3. Moj grob – 7:09
4. Nuklearan – 6:03
5. Ja, car i bog – 7:17
6. Harmonija u haosu – 6:02
7. Teatar apsurda- 8:34


* Nefas – vocals
* Kozeljnik – guitars
* Vrag – bass guitar
* Honza Kapák – drums and acoustic guitars


Album provided by Moshpit PR.

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