Album Review: The Lords of Karma – Harlequin


The Lords of Karma are another of those bands that create great music but they do not get enough recognition for that. The unique mix of progressive rock, post-metal, math rock, experimental and spacey psychedelia is what this trio from London are what they do on their recently released debut album Harlequin. The band obviously doesn’t give a damn about any stylistic limitations in their music, and although their tracks are rather lengthy it gives them enough time and space to make different experiments.

Since the beginning and the opening piece “Return to Delphi” this album promises a lot, and it turns out not to be just an empty promise. From the get-go the energy of the tune grabs you and doesn’t let you until its last bit. The album continues its journey with another highlight in the shape of “The Higgler” which brings phenomenal dynamics developed around the main melody line. Guitar work makes a huge difference here, but let’s not forget to mention exceptional work by the rhythm section. Another highlight in the series of highlights this album delivers — this tune includes all strong points. The song, and it could be said for the album in whole, changes the pace and the moods very smoothly.

In these eleven tracks The Lords of Karma present all its skills, and there are so many of them. The act creates music in its most complex and most enjoyable form. With Harlequin they offer a tremendous work that takes you in their world, and once you are there you will not want to get out.

Order Harlequin from Bandcamp.

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