Teradélie – BlacKolZa

Teradelie - BlacKolZa

With a versatile and diverse chant (sung words or just vocalized chant), at times reduced to sung poetry (“Peut-être demain” and “Surexposition”), and a dark and reflective musical environment, ‘BlacKolZa’ can be easily compared to landmark female-fronted works of the 1980′s such as Kate Bush’s ‘The Dreaming’, Dalbello’s ‘Whomanfoursays’ or Laurie Anderson’s ‘Mister Heartbreak’. The profusion of electronic sounds brings even closer the comparison to the eighties vibes.

But comparisons aside, the musical universe of the talented Teradélie is really unique and hard to define as it covers several genres. It can be trip-hop, infused with ska in “Il y eut un temps” (with some Buckethead-like fiery guitar in conclusion). Trip-hop again, but more delicate, in “I believe”, with suave voice akin to Annie Lennox, and in the dual “Duo ex machina” where serene atmosphere alternates with frenzy drums and scintillating keyboards. Then once again, trip-hop, this time more experimental, in the very personal cover of Genesis’ ‘Say it’s alright Joe’ where occasional ska elements alternate with ethereal vocals. But you will ask, where is the diversity if you only mention trip-hop? Well, you will better understand with further explorating the musical genres covered in the remaining songs. The instrumental “Delirium très mince” presents with spastic synth-pop where synths and drums answer to each other and a hallucinated flute puts a break to the synth-drum jousts. On “Atomic”, ours ears are delivered elegant soul with contrasting soft/energetic voice and unexpected introduction of cello and percussions. We also sail on ever-changing seas on “Carry on” (with vocal effects close to Toyah Wilcox) where cinematic music meets gothic folk, progressive rock and ska. “Surexposition” might be an invitation to dance with its IDM dancing beats, yet interspersed with samples of sequential electronic music and various electronic tinkerings. On “Suffira”, we will remember the overture to Gathering’s “Strange Machines” but then we will delight with a languid rock ballad sung with passion in duet with Vanii Aupositeur. Our heart will beat to the tribal ambient atmosphere of “Peut-être demain” with its Native American theme in the chorus, and of “BlacKolZa” with its orchestral ending, a song that could be the soundtrack to ecology-driven SF movie Avatar.

Now, I certainly convinced you that the album is very rich in musical ideas. And all those ideas are majestically brought together, There are no signs of weaker moments that could be the result of lesser experience of a particular musical genre. Thanks to its diversity (vocally and musically speaking) and contrasting atmospheres, this is the kind of music you crave more once the album has come to end.


1. Il y eut un temps 03:50

2. Peut-être demain… 03:43

3. Delirium très mince 04:05

4. Atomic 05:55

5. Carry on 06:48

6. I Believe 03:05

7. Surexposition 04:30

8. Duo Ex Machina 06:08

9. Suffira 05:24

10. BlacKolZa 04:41

11. Say it’s alright Joe 04:21

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