Telergy – Hypatia

Telergy - Hypatia

Telergy, a project of multi-instrumentalist and producer Robert McClung returned this year with their new, third studio album titled “Hypatia.” The record tells the story of one of the most important, but often forgotten, women in the history, Hypatia. She lived in ancient Greece and was a philosopher and a scientist.

Same as the previous two Telergy albums, “The Exodus” (2011) and “The Legend of Goody Cole” (2013), Robert McClung has once again gathered an impressive line-up of musicians from all around the world. Although Robert is a mastermind behind this project, the influence of guest musicians and the spirit of bands they work or worked with is present during the album’s 63 minutes. Therefore, it’s not strange to hear a classic Pink Floyd passage interfering with a bit of Savatage, Kansas or Jethro Tull. But it doesn’t end here, and it’s witnessed with excellent performances by Durga McBroom-Hudson, Scott Page, David Ragsdale, Chris Caffery, Mike LePond, Oliver Palotai, to name but a few. (full-line up below)

Hypatia” is comprised of 17 tracks in total, and the album’s odd numbers are not taking a standard place in the album’s track listing on the cover, as they are spoken-word and narrative scenes used to depict the mentioned story. Telergy proved it before, and they prove it again – it’s still possible to create an instrumental album and to tell a certain concept.

The album has a headstart with “Astronomer” after an intro. “Hypatia” is heavily rooted in the symphonic rock/metal along with classic progressive rock elaborateness. “Teacher” gives a break with its oriental approach, but the album continues on the beaten track.

The songs “Astronomer,” “Philosopher,” “Mathematician,” “Teacher,” “The Burning of the Library of Alexandria,” and “Murder” are the album’s centrepieces and tracks that define what “Hypatia” is about both musically and story-wise.

Hypatia” is definitely one of the must-hear albums of the year. Not only because it includes an incredible line-up of musicians, what is enough to tickle your fancy, but because it also brings a nice refreshment among the albums that have been released in 2015 so far. This recording is a very enjoyable listening experience, and that tells you enough, doesn’t it?


1. Scene, No.1 (0:38)
2. Astronomer (7:16)
3. Scene, No.2 (0:37)
4. Philosopher (11:44)
5. Scene, No.3 (0:39)
6. Mathematician (4:24)
7. Scene, No.4 (0:25)
8. Teacher (6:57)
9. Scene, No.5 (0:29)
10. The Burning of the Library of Alexandria (11:37)
11. Scene, No.6 (0:39)
12. Scapegoat (2:55)
13. Scene, No.7 (1:05)
14. Murder (9:30)
15. Scene, No.8 (1:04)
16. Martyr (3:12)
17. Scene, No.9 (0:27)


* Robert McClung – guitar, bass, violin, viola, mandolin, piano, organ, keyboards, flute, balalaika, ukulele, sitar, lap steel, bodhran, percussion, tenor and baritone vocals, mob vocals


* Chris Caffery (Savatage, Trans-Siberian Orchestra)
* Durga McBroom-Hudson (Pink Floyd, Blue Pearl) as Hypatia
* Bryan Hicks (Trans-Siberian Orchestra) as Theon
* Corey Glover (Living Colour) as Synesius
* Blake Carpenter (The Minstrel’s Ghost, Corvus Stone) as Cyril
* Peter Kelley as Peter the Reader
* Almus Kenter as The Professor
* Chris Bonito – drums
* Kyle Wybranowski – drums
* Mike LePond (Symphony X, Silent Assasins) – bass
* Oliver Holzwarth (Rhapsody of Fire, Blind Guardian) – bass
* Kristen Miller – cello
* Adam Nunes – cello
* Tim Nunes – violin, viola
* David Ragsdale (Kansas) – violin
* Anna Phoebe (Jethro Tull, Trans-Siberian Orchstra) – violin
* Scott Page (Pink Floyd, Toto, Supertramp) – saxophone
* Parker Lundgren (Queensryche) / guitar
* Chris Caffery (Savatage, Trans-Siberian Orchestra) – guitar
* Angus Clark (Kitaro, Trans-Siberian Orchestra) – guitar
* Connor Wybranowski – guitar
* Oliver Wakeman (Yes) – keyboards
* Oliver Palotai (Kamelot) – keyboards
* Mattan Klein – flute
* Scott Page – saxophone
* Jaimee Joroff – harp
* Jennifer Lanter – French horn
* John Halloran – clarinet
* Barbara Lafitte – oboe
* Mac Ritchey (Esthema) – oud
* Mike Dolan – mob vocals
* Tim Clark – mob vocals
* Gary Wheaton – mob vocals
* Laura Sanscartier – soprano vocals
* Tamara Mcshea – soprano vocals
* Stephanie Slabon – soprano vocals
* Angeliki Theoharris – mezzo vocals
* Joshua Collier – tenor vocals


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