Tangle Edge – Dropouts

Wow. It is almost hard to believe it but this release is finally out as either a double CD slip pack or triple vinyl record. I visited the band back in 1998 in Narvik and my friend Carl and I heard some of this material which comes from the bands very first cassette release from 1983 called Improvised Dropouts. Delerium records was suppose to release this as a double CD and it had a totally different title as well, which I don’t recall anymore. So that is 13 years ago and it is finally out now. I will not go through each and every improvisation here (there are 23). These were all recorded in late 1982 and early 1983 in the bands studio in . One track was recorded live in in Nov 1983.

Anyway, as you might know, this amazing three piece have a musical language of their own and converse in a very special way and listening to these recordings makes you feel like you are sitting in their studio with them having a personal peak into the creative spirit that makes this band so unique. The band has stayed active for the past 30 years and continue to this day making exciting music that pushes the boundaries of rock, jazz, world music, when three people (bass, guitar, drums) come together to pool their collective spirits and push and pull, create special dynamics, and make interesting music. A band like Tangle Edge has for sure been an influence on my own band, Øresund Space Collective, in we take the same spirit but just more and different instruments and challenge each other.

You will find elements of 70s jazz rock, blues rock and experimental music in these different tracks. All the members are superb players. Highly recommended. Check out the bands web site for information on how to obtain the limited edition triple vinyl or double CD slippack version of this or the bands other music. Be adventurous and support an amazing band.

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