Tangents – One Little Light Year

A long-distance collaboration, creating interesting stuff!

Nowadays, thanks to the technology and internet facilities, people can connect and share ideas, chat, watch videos, but also create good music. This is the case of this two-people project called Tangents which was created thanks to the concerns of Derek Kerswill and Dave Witham, a couple of talented guys whose first baby saw the light this year (2010) and was officially released a few days ago (October 26th).

The album entitled “One Little Light year” features twelve compositions, ranging from three to four minutes average, which complete a 43-minute record.
It kicks off with “Arrow in the Heart” which in my opinion is one of their best tracks, a strong opener that also shows Tangents style and a progressive-alternative tendency. The vocals in moments remind me a little bit of some early Radiohead tunes, and the music sounds catchy but interesting without a doubt.

“Homecoming (Victory Song)” is a mellower track that in the first minutes has a tranquil sound, however there is a part at half the song where the guitars sound heavier and the atmosphere becomes tense; but well, the mellow and soft sound returns later and finishes like a lullaby.
With “Fall Asleep Again” I have a problem, I don’t really like the rhythm and the repetitive sound, however, what I like is that while the seconds pass there are new elements sounding which help creating new and different nuances. This is in the other hand, one of my least favorites here.

“Static” has again that smooth and mellow sound, the vocals again remind me to some Radiohead moments (this is the last time I mention it) but the music is quite interesting. The synth effects are wonderful because they create exquisite atmospheres that can be perceived better if you have good headphones. Another thing I liked here, was the nice and effective use of acoustic guitar.

“(Missing) One Little Light Year” almost reaches the five minutes, this is actually the longest composition on this album. The sound of the guitars is more aggressive than the previous tracks and the rhythm of the song may be quite addictive. The vocals are pretty good in my opinion, and one thing I had not mention but have to, is that the drums sound always clean. After the second minute, there is a change where the vocals sound louder but the music poppier and catchier, which does not really help, it is repeated a minute later after another minor change. Nice track.

“The Pieces Fall” might work as a single of this album, I can see it sounding in the radio as a popular hit, so as you can imagine the sound is pretty catchy, ready for anyone’s ears especially for the followers of alternative rock music. Now, with “Nothing Left Undone” I feel pleased, because there are moments where I truly enjoy what I am listening to: nice atmospheres, good vocals and a correct use of electric guitar as background; the last minute is more emotional.

“When Will it End” is another track I don’t truly enjoy. Since the first seconds where the electric guitar appears and the structure is being built, I don’t feel attracted, actually I feel tired because I think is more of the same, I mean in moments the sound becomes redundant and boring. The second part of the song becomes a bit better, but this is a completely forgettable track to me.

“Hyde” returns again to that soft and mellow sound, there is a nice piano over there working together with nice acoustic guitars and vocals. The song eventually progresses and thanks to the vocals, creates an emotional sound. If you want to listen something like Radiohead meets The Cooper Temple Clause, you can try this.

The shortest composition is the 28-second track entitled “What the Scanners See”, which is just like the introduction to “Blind Spots”. And this starts with electric guitars and vocals, then drums and bass appear and start creating an interesting, though catchy again structure. Later it becomes stronger, the power the introduce helps the song being more enjoyable.
The album finishes with “Watch You Go”, a shorter composition that is just like a goodbye. A peaceful track with a slow sound that can relax the listener.

This is a nice debut album that proves once more that distance does not matter, as long as the will exist. Regarding the band’s style, I would not call them a progressive rock band properly, though they do have some tendencies, I would label them with a different adjective, but well, labels are not really important.

Enjoy it!

1. Arrow in the Heart
2. Homecoming (Victory Song)
3. Fall Asleep Again
4. Static
5. (Missing) One Little Light Year
6. The Pieces Fall
7. Nothing Left Undone
8. When Will It End?
9. Hyde
10. What the Scanners See
11. Blind Spots
12. Watch You Go

Dave Witham
Derek Kerswill

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