Sur Solar – Maximo Solar EP

I love when small, new bands get in touch with me asking for reviews for their albums, EPs, demos and stuff. I’ve been contacted recently by Fernando of the Venezuelan band Sur Solar, who asked me if I’m willing to write a review of their recent EP named as Maximo Solar. So, I’ve agreed and I must say that I found this band very interesting. I don’t know if it has anything to do with my interest in for South American music/culture, but at least I’ll give you a word or two about this EP.

4 songs in almost 18 minutes, that’s what this EP consists of. To speak of a label, I would describe this as balanced progressive metal, with obvious roots in prog rock, but also there can be heard some classic heavy guitar work and I noticed a part in the title song which contains something from post-rock heritage. I have to mention that they sing in Spanish, which is a plus. Don’t expect a wide range vocal harmonies or falsettos or stuff like that though, but the singing fits well, so I’m sure that everyone will be satisfied with it.

The second song on this EP is called Ansia and it is without a doubt, my favorite. It has a  very nice atmosphere that will surely “buy” you and I’m not sure is that because of very nice clean guitar solo or amazing vocals, silent drumming or accentuated bass lines in first three and a half minutes of the song or if it’s because of the electric guitar solo at the end of, but anyway it shows to be the highlight of this record.

Paisaje de Venus is marked as a demo and it’s an instrumental where the guitarist shows his skills, but it’s also adorned with fine work in the rhythm section, although my opinion is that the drums could be done more creatively.

The next song and the last one on this EP is Ruido Cristal which brings a short break with the use of sitars in its beginning, but it doesn’t take so long before it starts to get shaped in the quite correct and solid piece, where vocals, bass and guitars dominate, but there’s also noticeable the use of FX effects.

If this EP is an introduction to a full-length album, I’ve got high expectations for it. And I expect that production-wise it will be done in a more professional manner, as my biggest concern is related to technical issues. That said, I’m looking forward for more, guys!


01. Maximo Solar

02. Ansia

03. Pensaje de Venus (demo)

04. Ruido Cristal


* Raul Lopez – vocals, guitars

* Dorian Velez – bass

* Gian Franco – drums

* Fernando Lopez – clarinet, guitars


Sur Solar @ MySpace

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