Stan Bush – The Ultimate

Stan Bush - The Ultimate

Stan Bush is a melodic rock vocalist who started his musical career at the end of the seventies, and who is best known for songs that found their way in movies like ‘The Transformers’ or ‘Kickboxer’.

He has recorded continuously since his debuts, but ‘The Ultimate’ is a real improvement over his previous works.

It features mostly AOR anthems (“Something to Believe”, “The Ultimate”, “Heat of the Battle”, “Stand in the Fire”, “Unstoppable”, “The Journey”, which main features are punchy drums (yet “dancing” at times on “Stand in the Fire” and motorik à la DAF in some parts of “Unstoppable”), passionate vocals with great vocal harmonies, mesmerizing guitars (surprisingly aggressive on “Heat of the Battle”, languid like in a Fields of the Nephilim song on “The Memory of You”) and bombastic and undulant keyboards), but also heartbreaking balads (“Love Again”, “If I’m Not Lovin’ You” with pleading vocals and dramatic orchestrations) and pop songs (the very eithies-sounding “Thunder in Your Heart” with its furtive keyboard, guitar spots and electronic drum pads, and a reworked modern string-driven version of Stan Bush’s hit single “The Touch” originally featured on the above-mentioned movie ‘The transformers’).

With vocal lines and passion akin to Joey Tempest of Europe or Eric Martin of Mr Big, the energy of the best AOR/melodic rock bands of the eighties, a top-notch production, this album is like a time machine transporting us back to the heydays of melodic rock which flooded us with catchy melodies and put a smile on our face. It also features a marvelous artwork in a dreamy surrealistic fashion, where an illusion window opens a chequered-floor stage to the Great Plains, just as the window on the back cover of Marillion’s ‘Misplaced Childhood’ opened a sky-dye wall to the Hills of Lothian.


01. Something to Believe

02. The Ultimate

03. Heat of the Battle

04. Love Again

05. Stand in the Fire

06. Unstoppable

07. Thunder in Your Heart

08. The Journey

09. The Memory of You

10. If I’m Not Lovin’ You

11. The Touch (Power Mix)


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