Skraeckoedlan – Äppelträdet

You might have trouble reading the names of this Swedish band and their album, but what the hell – c’est la vie.

Anyway, on a music metric scale, Skraeckoedlan would be placed somewhere between stoner and psychedelic rock with the addition of the element of doom. In this case, the element in question adds vocals, to put it precisely. Speaking of which, I cannot tell exactly who does them on which track as both Robert Lamu (also guitar) and Tim Angstrom (bass) sing them. Incidentally, the lyrics are in Swedish and English.

Now as I gave some basic info about the record, I can move forward to the album’s structure and state that this heaviness is a good chunk of stoner-fied psychedelia. The closest way to compare Skraeckoedlan with any other outfit would be to mention their fellow Swedes, The Quill and Truckfighters. It’s known that the Swedish school of heavy-stoner-doom-sound-with-influences-from-psychedelic-rock never lacked for good bands, and obviously this tradition continues. As I mention Truckfighters, it shouldn’t be taken as a coincidence that Dinosaur (a common translation for Skraeckoedlan) are reminiscent of their work, as the singer and bass player of Truckfighters, Oskar Cedermalm, produced Äppelträdet.

As they describe themselves as Mastodon meets The Sword, we are facing here with some heavy rocking spiced with sludgy effects. The riffs are thick (as a brick), the guitars keep the melody, the drums deal with doom and thrash, and their greasy bass lines reflect the deepness of the sound Dinosaur tends to follow. They experiment throughout the album’s flow by adding new elements to the formula, keeping, in their own special way, a sense of unpredictability throughout. Therefore, Dismember-like grunts can be heard crossed with pieces from Swededn’s rich progressive and psychedelic rock legacy.

The extinction of dinosaurus is now questionable. We are witnesses that they still work the ground up there in Sweden and judging by everything, their future is bright.


01. Världarnas Fall
02. Soluppgång
03. Chronos
04. Äppelträdet
05.  Haven
06. Doedaroedlan
07. Universe
08. Cactus
09. Fågelsång
10. Rokh


* Henrik Grüttner – lead guitar
* Martin Larsson – drums
* Robert Lamu – vocals, guitar
* Tim Ångström – vocals, bass


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