Septa – The Lover

Septa - The Lover

Hailing from Ukraine, a band that describe their music as alternative rock, Septa are actually more than that. The alternance of clean and harsh vocals is a blatant example of that misleading label (all tracks except the sunny “Enter the butterflies” and the languid “Her body still songs”). In line with the enigmatic artwork on which a pretty woman covers in dark paint and presents top of head in flame (sadly premonitory of the recent mock fire at House of Trade Unions in Odessa lighted to hide the murder of Ukrainians inside the building), the music is characterized by a sheer serenity that is ponctuated by alarming moments.

It can be cheerful rock with oscillating rhythms like a boat pitching on high waters (“Enter the butterflies”), yet with a reflective passage where a small voice becomes progressively upset. On the slow aquatic “Her body still sings”, we are closer to the thoughtful ambient stoner of their fellow countrymen Krobak and the late reflective works of Talk Talk, and we drive quietly on David Lynch’s “Lost highway” to reach “Twin Peaks”.


On the other tracks, it’s an alternance of upbeat moments with anthemic chorus and louder moments when the beast rises in the singer’s throat. Vocal range is nevertheless astonishingly broad, and frontman Eugene Tymchyk can switch very comfortably from amazement to anger with so many different vocal signatures that you wonder it there are not five or six vocalists in all. Drums are punchy with dancing cymbals and moderate syncopation. Guitars are in the same league as vocals with alternance of cheerful or reflective licks and alarmed or agressive lines.

Overall, Septa are a hotchpotch of many rock and metal flavours where vocals and musical tapestry suggest various emotions, yet with a certain consistency throughout. A very good debut album by a band that we hope will get the aura of bands that inspired them (such as Mastodon, Tool, Faith No More or Riverside).


01. 12th
02. Enter the Butterflies
03. Discouraged One
04. Her Body Still Sings
05. Widower
06. Eulogy (Epilogue)


Eugene Tymchyk
Alexander Kostuchenko
Dmitriy Ulyanov
Petr Bystrov


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