RPWL – Wanted

RPWL - Wanted

My connection with the music of a German art rock purveyors RPWL dates back to 2002 and the release of their sophomore album Trying to Kiss the Sun. In the coming years I kept a track on their work up to the release of 2008′s The RPWL Experience. But with the release of Beyond Man and Time in 2012, the band has already fallen off my radar. My bad, I admit.

Originally formed as a Pink Floyd tribute band in 1997, band spent few years in paving the way for what has become their original work. And instead of using the same old formula of being derivative and rehashing the works from the past, the band stepped up and took all the risks of following the “less-is-more” logic. Now with the release of their sixth studio installment the band is again at it, constantly pushing the envelope as musically as well as thematically. After the Nietzsche-themed Beyond Man and Time, RPWL is taking a step further and big bite on Wanted while trying to find answers on the human race’s readiness for absolute freedom.

Being a Floyd-inspired act since the early days undeniably reflects to the music showcased on Wanted, but the overall sound completes by wrapping mentioned influences with a spoonful of modernity. Note that modernity here is a synonym for eclectic. From the highly cinematic instrumental intro Revelation, the music bounces from place to place emphasizing that way the dynamic side of the record. The transition between the songs is uniform, making the whole album flows smoothly from piece to piece.

There are many atmospheric passages that connect certain structures in songs, established by the employment of different sound effects ranging from the ringing bells, haunting voices, dreamy soundscapes, et cetera. Everything in between demonstrates the art of binding stylistically varied elements.

Wanted is a record that focuses on the artistic side of progressive rock, but in the same time it is very technical and as mentioned – varied. It is an album that definitely meets all the expectations of how a RPWL album should sound.


01. Revelation
02. Swords And Guns
03. A Short Cut Line
04. Wanted
05. Hide And Seek
06. Disbelief
07. Misguided Thought
08. Perfect Day
09. The Attack
10. A New Dawn


* Yogi Lang – vocals, keyboard
* Kalle Wallner – guitar
* Marc Turiaux – drums
* Markus Jehle – keyboard, piano
* Werner Taus – bass




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