Røsenkreütz – Back to the Stars

Røsenkreütz - Back to the Stars

Lead by the enthusiastic producer Fabio Serra, Røsenkreütz are a band that wanted to show with ‘Back to the stars’ their love for many various styles in rock music. The whole is wrapped in a progressive rock envelope through the use of a wide array of keyboards, asymmetrical meters and passionate vocals.

Hence, besides progressive rock suites (the effervescent “Signals in the  water” with a finale you could swear is performed by Cairo’s late frontman Bret Douglas and the sparkling multi-layered title track), pieces sail onto very diverse seas.

We are indeed pleased with tributes to influential bands.

First with “Sitting on the edge of heaven” where Middle Eastern flavoured strings associated with slow marching drums remind strongly of Led Zeppelin’s “Kashmir”. A quick wink to Gentle Giant can be noted in the use of the canon vocals.

Then with a languid and spectral version of The Beatles’ “I am the walrus”, not particularly memorable but picking our interest in a way that it is in a shape quite different from the original version.

Dance-rock is also invited to the party with “Conditioning” and its optimism typical of the eighties. The excessively repeated words “hey man, can you feel” can get on your nerves, but overall this a very good catchy song.

Mainstream pop of the late seventies (think Bonnie Tyler) has also its place with the lovely balad “Nothing more in you” featuring the cheerful voice of Angela Merlin.

AOR/melodic rock with pompous keyboards and upbeat chorus has also its place with the catchy “Childish reaction”.

Thanks to a stunning musicianship (all instruments are played with love and vocals are delivered with lots of care – Fabio performing vocals besides guitars and keyboards), great dynamics and an eclectic approach to the music, ‘Back to the stars’ is a very enjoyable aural experience.

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