Review: Diagoras – Enigma

Diagoras - Enigma

Diagoras is a progressive death metal band haling from Gothenburg, Sweden, and back in October 2018 the band put out their debut EP titled “Enigma.”

The album contains strong blasting riffs, which are otherwise both catchy and technical, and actually suit the vocalist incredibly well. They are bludgeoning when paired with vicious screams and brutal gutturals of Erik Olans. He simply has such an intense level of passion and energy, like he pours his heart and soul into the music. The best example of this can be heard throughout the EP, but as highlights I would mentioned title track, “Hails of Torment” and “Agent of Manipulation.”

The masterful use of the heavy verse/melodic chorus style of songwriting makes this release incredibly varied. “Enigma” is all about balance of heaviness and melody. The instrumentation on the album is brought to perfection, and although the band’s technical skills are easy to notice, the band members work in favor of displaying a balance between masterful craftsmanship and performance.

“Enigma” is one of those release that is just as good the first time you listen to it as it is the fiftieth. It’s one of those rare cases where it never gets old, yet it doesn’t take any time to grow on you. Whether you’re a seasoned metal listener or someone who is just discovering heavy music, this album will appeal to you in some way or another. It’s incredibly technical and precise in its execution, yet it allows enough melody in to keep it from sounding like a typical instrumental wank fest.

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