Rainburn – Canvas of Silence

Rainburn - Canvas of Silence

Four-piece band hailing from Bengalore in India, Rainburn (which name came as a will to associate two opposites) play a contrasted music that belongs to the progressive rock umbrella. Their debut EP Canvas of Silence is planned to be released in November of 2014.

In general, delicate and frail vocals accompanying light syncopated rhythms and dreamy guitars, quite what is expected from dreampop acts, are interspersed with some fast aggressive guitar riffs, angrier vocals and punchier drums, akin to thrash metal. Time Turns Around escapes nonettheless the general description. It is indeed a sunny pop ballad that doesn’t bear the aforementioned contrast.

Elements of other musical territories invite themselves to the party: funk with the slap bass of Canvas of Silence, arabic music with the arabesques of the guitar and the profusion of hypnotic rhythms on Veil, jazz-funk with the groovy drums on Fragments, and lullaby with cyclic guitars and relaxing blowing vocals on Fragments again.

Overall, Rainburn, as their name suggests, like to make opposite atmospheres collide each other. It would certainly have surprised many listeners and left them perplexed in the days when the contrasting rock genres (dreampop and thrash metal) appeared, but today when progressive rock is synonym of open mindedness and genre melding, it is more than welcome. The meeting of opposites doesn’t sound like a collage of sounds, rather they complete one another, like in the case of Rembrandt‘s contrast between dark and light, bringing a wide array of emotions. I am eager to hear more from those young artist in the future.


01 Refuge

02 Canvas of Silence

03 Veil

04 Time Turns Around

05 Fragments



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