Quantum Sphere – The Space Adventures of Pyjama Boy

Important notice: The review below is taken from the MagicFireMusic, originally written in French by The Keeper and translated by Myro Lush.

My friends, how can one lament the futility of the digital age when one discovers a band of such scale? Quantum Sphere, whom I was introduced to by Luke Machin (guitarist of The Tangent) and Sally Collyer (manager of The Tangent), have not physically released an album, but only digitally. An album of such an incredible quality cannot remain in the awful format that is mp3!

Hailing from England, the group, or trio, more specifically, with an unusual name evocative of the infinitely small (A quantum is the smallest quantity of some physical property, be it energy, the quantity of movement or of mass. This is the central notion of quantum theory, which gave birth to quantum mechanics. – Source: Wikipedia) at last offer a progressive metal that goes beyond the ordinary.

Far from wanting to copy Steven Wilson’s music, to immerse us in the mournful universe of Riverside, to continue the vision of Dream Theater or to mix prog and jazz in the way the The Tangent do it, Quantum Sphere seem more orientated towards technical and complex metal which clearly defined influences. Though the band cites Meshuggah, Cynic, Death and even Morbid Angel amongst their influences, we shouldn’t cast aside Planet X (mentioned by the Englishmen) or the American bands such as Zero Hour, Magellan, Umphrey’s Mc Gee or the mad trio of Snelwar, Manring, Zonder: At War With Self.

You understand then, that Quantum Sphere isn’t for just anybody. Far from it, the elitist musical offering that is The Space Adventures of Pyjama Boy will push many a listener aside. And if the English webzine had labelled Quantum Sphere “Rush-synth-fed Meshuggah”, without a doubt, it isn’t for nothing. Furthermore, guitarist Joe Pearson adds during an interview: “All of us come from an extreme/death metal back ground, but it’s mostly our collective love for progressive metal and instrumental jazz fusion.” That’s the plan. You’ve been warned.

As a result, The Space Adventures of Pyjama Boy is an extravagant, yet strange album, with sounds as varied as they are imaginable. It takes off and continues with frenzy, and drummer Mark Smith’s efficient and irreproachably technical style pulses throughout. Syncopation, seemingly misplaced yet hypnotic riffs – the uninitiated risk developing a severe headache. For the rest, moments of sonic glory are assured. The bass is rich and warm in tone, containing the group’s distinctive jazzy spirit. The space voyage in the company of this pyjama-clad child is dream-like. The sometimes despondent, but always succulent moments come with a pleasant piano accompaniment. The keyboard also has a thing or two to say, and while recognising the guitar’s lead, it’s certainly not averse to a little duelling between musical families. Everything is well-orchestrated, technically calibrated and there is never too much melody. The excellent production quality does justice to the work completed by the master’s hand of the power trio.

Lovers of the genre will have it playing on loop in an attempt to discover the multitude of minute tricks. It’s the sort of album that you don’t let go off quite so easily, wanting to burrow deeper into its universe, not to return until at last you seem to understand it. A future monster of Progressive Metal is born.

The Space Adventures of Pyjama Boy is out on iTunes and is also available on Spotify. There’s also their Soundcloud (http://soundcloud.com/QuantumSphere) where you can also listen to their tracks in 8-bit, ‘cause these guys are also old school video game fans… they’re perfect, I tell you!

When is the CD coming out?!!


01. The Space Adventures of Pyjama Boy
02. The Fornax Void
03. Fractal Dimensions
04. Perplexia
05. Interplanetary Probe
06. Error
07. Tachyon Pulse Induction Protovol
08. Amastia
09. Attack Ships on Fire off the Shoulder of Orion


* Joe Pearson – Guitars
* Greg Knox – Bass
* Mark Smith – Drums



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