EP Review: Project Sapiens – Here We Are

Project Sapiens - Here We Are

Copenhagen’s progressive metal duo Project Sapiens assault listeners’ ears with highly energetic and sporadic bursts of brilliant dynamics on debut EP Here We Are. Colorful, complex, and superbly catchy, Here We Are is an exceptional collection of hyperactive progressive rock and noisy flights of fancy, with momentous musicianship infectious hooks scattered throughout. This release is adventurous, imaginative, and surprising. In fact, it’s one of the most fearless and unique releases I’ve heard this year.

The opening title track kickstarts the EP like an auditory coma. On “Uprising,” the music jolts with a start/stop frenzy that’s too tremendous to ignore. The guitarist Poul Jakobsen provides an impassioned melody for each wildly creative rhythmic shift, which vary between hectic, tranquil, and atmospheric. Best of all, this song proves to be one of the most inventive and unforeseen tracks I’ve heard all year. The psyched-out guitar work is seductive, and the instrumentation on this tune veers more towards psychedelic swing than anything progressive. It bleeds into the equally exciting “My Prison Cell” and its follow-up “Anger,” making for completely unexpected stylistic shifts. Finally, “Keepers of the Realm” is luscious, multifarious, and wholly confident.

Here We Are is so inimitable. Rarely have I been so impressed with the sheer nonconformity of an album. Then again, it’s equally rare to find a modern band who strives so hard to set itself apart from the pack. Without a doubt, this one is special.

The EP is available from Bandcamp. Follow Project Sapiens on Facebook.

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