Profusion – RewoToweR

Profusion - RewoToweR
With it’s complex and unusual integration of a myriad of musical styles, exceptional musicianship and immaculate production, RewoToweR ( a palindrome of Tower ) by Italian band Profusion positively took me unawares. Fresh and exciting from the explosive opener, Ghost House, a straight hard rock composition that could have been penned by the Scorpions to the concluding fusioned out leviathan Dedalus Falling, RewoTower is like being confronted by an overflowing Swedish smorgasbord with latino, Lazish and classical components interacting around a solid metalisque foundation. Each individual composition, none of which runs much more than 5-6 minutes constantly fluctuates within it’s own framework and never remains within any specific musical structure, audaciously crossing over into different musical domains without warning.


The two ” proggiest ” compositions Taste Of Colours and The Tower are presented in two parts with influences from a wide variety of sources hiding within. Let’s see….Rothery era Marillion, IQ, Tool, Sieges Even post Gabriel Genesis to name a few but with a flamboyance that is uniquely Profusion’s own. There’s an unmistakable fusion mentality here that is not unlike the approach taken by groups such as planet X and Liquid Tension Experiment but somewhat watered down. The difference here being the inclusion of the passionate, flowing vocal power of frontman Luca Latini that make the compositions more song-like. If this guy looks like he sounds I can picture him jumping all over the stage like some sort of primordial creature during his vocal deliveries!. Gionatan Caradonna’s layered keyboard orchestrations also play a huge part not only on these pieces but throughout the whole work. So nothing sounds like a relentless fusion freakout..The Tower Part II includes an extensive instrumental section that’s introduced by a string section where both Caradonna’s keyboards and the ( very Holdsworthian ) guitars of Thomas Laguzzi have center stage but are bookended with a vocal refrain which effectively consolidates the piece and doesn’t leave the listener with an instrumental freakout hangover. Dedalus Falling is quite similar with some cool Joe Satriani-like guitar shredding from what sounds like a guest guitarist.


There are two ballads featured on this musical frankenstein, Turn To Gold, which sort of goes into AOR territory and So Close But So Alone. The latter showcases vocalist Latini’s versatility. Beginning with a forlorn piano melody and Latini singing a an overdubbed harmony with himself it gradually morphs into a mini-latino rave-up replete with scat singing and Spanish guitar but then returning to the sombre opening theme.It is the only track that forgoes the heavier guitar and keys and the moody transformations offer a poignant contrast. A clever piece of music. So Close But So Alone is preceded by the most bizarre track onn the album entitled Treasure Island that employs imagery from the golden era of corsairs and pirates with angry synths and heavy guitar riffing interspersed with Latini’s smooth vocals.


The first song I heard from this remarkable band was the catchy ethno drenched Chuta Chani which no doubt reflects drummer Vladmer Sichinava’s Georgian heritage. It was actually through the superbly produced video I caught on Youtube that I was introduced to the band which has to be one of the best music vids I have seen in a long time. I’m not too crazy about music vids in the first place but this one was tastefully done with some erotic women. The song itself, I found out after a bit of research, is based on a piece of traditional Georgian music that was also made popular by Georgian pop star Lela Tsurtsumia who did a straight version in it’s original Mangrelian language and is nothing like the progmetalled out version we hear on RewoTower that hits the listener like a ton of bricks after a spooky chamber music-like cello & violin intro. It’s foreshadowed by a short sureal vignette entitled Tkeshi ( walk in the forest ) that features an age old Georgian 3 stringed instrument called a Panduri that also shows up playing the main Chuta Chani melody which is kind of haunting despite the piece being very rythmical and animated the tight rythms of Sichinava and bassman Luca Cambi being very much in evidence. It’s easy to get this one stuck in your head.


Being a vestige of the seventies prog / art rock effusions it is not often that a 21st century band will grab my attention straight away and I usually approach them with extreme predjudice and cynicism. In the case of Profusion’s RewoTower ( I had never heard of the album or the band until last week ) I was sold after just one listen. If these guys don’t make it I ‘ll move to another planet. Brilliant execution, superb production and masterful musicianship gets this baby an easy 4½ gold stars. Accolades.


1. Ghost House (4:13)
2. Taste Of Colours, Part 1 (3:48)
3. Taste Of Colours, Part 2 (3:05)
4. Treasure Island (5:04)
5. So Close But Alone (4:46)
6. Tkeshi (2:00)
7. Chuta Chani (6:13)
8. The Tower, Part 1 (4:39)
9. The Tower, Part 2 (5:30)
10. Turned To Gold (4:22)
11. Dedalus Falling (11:29)


* Luca Latini – vocals
* Thomas Laguzzi – guitars
* Luca Cambi – bass
* Vladimer Sichinava – drums
* Gionatan Caradonna – keyboards

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