Pocket Size – Exposed Undercurrents

Pocket Size - Exposed Undercurrents

The Swedish proggers from Pocket Size have just released their second record that to a certain extent continues the work done on their debut album, “The Hornplayer from the Milky Way…”, released in 2010. “Exposed Undercurrents” takes a strange approach to progressive as it breaks the limits of the genre, if there are any, and expands itself to rock ’n’ roll, blues and jazz.

The record has eleven tracks that go from straight and raw rock to 70’s inspired jazz. “Halo” opens the record with a classic groove that you could have encountered in old records played via a pick-up. The guitar abuses from raw and catchy riffs during extended sections that gives the slight impression of a march into the deeps of the record. The main riff of the song and the spot on vocals offers the listener a perfect intro to the album.

“Orbits”, “Chromosome” and “Sagan” are the progressive highlight songs off the record, when a Yes influenced whirl storm of flute solos that remind us of our childhood, memories and dreams, of complex and atypical keyboard effects and of versatile saxophone playing, captures every prog fan out there. An incredible well thought of saxophone solo transforms “Pickle Guys” from a rock ’n’ roll tune into a jazz one that sends the mind and spirit into a journey through the old New Orleans.

The record is made mostly out of instrumental pieces, but we do hear those ’70’s fitting vocals through various songs as it’s the case with “En Kamouflerad Önskan”, an entire Swedish song that delights the listener with a blues guitar solo that effortlessly escalates towards psychedelic. The same psychedelic tone follows the listener all through other songs as “Windmill”, “Berlin” and “FM” where the post rock cleans are alternated with chord progressions and skilled bass finger plucking. In “Horwood House” the center stage is overtaken by the clearly progressive drums dynamically contrasted by wizard keyboards, while “Evil Lullaby”  is a continuous waltz between the saxophone and the vicious riffs.

The record is a testament of sophisticated orchestration and knowledge of different musical genres that are progressing slowly from the ‘70’s jazz towards progressive. It’s actually an experimental history of music through the ages of time.

Favorite songs: “Windmill”, “Orbits”, “Berlin”.

Listen to “Exposed Undercurrents” on Progify.


Halo (Portrait of the artist as a composer)
En Kamouflerad Önskan
Evil Lullaby
Horwood House
Pickle Guys

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