PhaZer – Rockslinger

PHAZER - Rockslinger

PhaZer is a Heavy Metal project hailing from Portugal. The four that compose the band (Paulo Miranda on vocals, Gil Neto on guitar, Henrique Martins on bass, Nuno Cruz on drums) are all very enthusiastic and skilled musicians, delivering a dynamic music full of hooking melodies. In a time when many metal bands lose themselves in mazes of complexity, that can be exhausting in the long run, PhaZer focus instead on what made metal once so flamboyant: killer riffs, catchy choruses, and hellish rhythms.

The album is split between toe-tapping rockers (the cheerful cover of The Cult’s “Lil’ Devil” and its not less upbeat little sister “I’ve been shot”, the boogie-inflected “On the road”), intricate cuts (the explosive “Dear Foe”, the mesmerizing instrumental “Spermatogenesis”, which title suggests even more the virile approach to the music), and the little blues-oriented acoustic piece “My treasure”, where minimal instrumentation allows to emphasize the amazing vocal abilities of Paulo Miranda. A very good comparison with this band would be the recent project of Symphony X’ Russell Allen, Adrenaline Mob. I would push even farther the comparison with the artwork, strongly reminiscent of the above-mentioned band’s album of covers ‘Coverta’.

In a nutshell, thanks to its very strong vocals, its hooks, and some furtive yet virtuosic guitar solos, the music of PhaZer is very entertaining and always refreshing when you feel down.


1. I’ve been shot
2. Dear Foe
3. Spermatogenesis
4. On the road
5. My treasure
6. Lil’ devil

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