Periphery – Periphery III: Select Difficulty

Periphery - Select Difficulty

When the djent giants from Periphery announced they started recording a new album it was just a couple of weeks after the Juggernaut: Alpha/Omega tour was over. Taking in consideration that was only 6-7 months ago, we have to note that producing such musical mass is a great achievement (64 minutes to be exact). To the ones that are familiar with their art, some songs will remind of Misha “Bulb” Mansoor‘s demos he was releasing at the time – “Absolomb” and the riff from the middle of “Motormouth” and it is true that those songs have got a more complete shape on Periphery III.

The album starts and hits hard with “The Price is Wrong” and “Motormouth,” that are filled with crushing grooves. The music is as usual hard to assimilate, but that are their standards – groovy progressive metalcore with a jazz-fusion flavour… That is the metal of the new age. You can note that the songs are heavy with some exceptions like “Lune” and the vibe cascades from hard to soft, something that the band is taking a lot of critique for, but that only enriches the way they sound and Spencer Sotelo is yet again to demonstrate he is one of the most versatile vocals out there.

Periphery 2016

Periphery 2016

Speaking of Periphery, if we start thinking of their sound, again they are stellar in that point, but with a little bit different approach. The mix is a little bit more raw, the clarity of Juggernaut is somewhat missing here. Speaking of the production, the compositions have taken a step forward though, the rhythms are extremely diverse and in this record we find more ambient layers, more synths and acoustic guitar parts. They have created less breakdowns, and yet still all the songs feature brutal riffs that make you headbang, they have taken note of songs like “Alpha” and created hookier and more popular sounding pieces like “Prayer Position.”

Select Difficulty is by far their most diverse album, they have grown and have found a way to combine complex sounding vibe with the popular one.”

Well Periphery has once again proved why they became the innovators of our age; they changed how music recording process is being approached with amazing production and composition. Select Difficulty is by far their most diverse album, they have grown and have found a way to combine complex sounding vibe with the popular one. They will deffinitely not disappoint their fans, and will find new ones.

Thinking of a favorite song – Periphery create albums that are deep and need to be dug at, you have to play them from start to finish, no skipping.


01. The Price is Wrong
02. Motormouth
03. Marigold
04. The Way The News Goes…
05. Remain Indoors
06. Habitual Line-Stepper
07. Flatline
08. Absolomb
09. Catch Fire
10. Prayer Position
11. Lune


* Spencer Sotelo – vocals
* Misha “Bulb” Mansoor – guitar
* Jake Bowen – guitar
* Mark Holcomb – guitar
* Adam “Nolly” Getgood – bass
* Matt Halpern – drums


Stefan Andonov is a guest contributor on Prog Sphere and is also a founder of the DjentMag website.

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