Opus of a Machine – Simulacra

Opus of a Machine - Simulacra

Australian alternative progressive  rockers, Opus of a Machine are set to self-release their debut album “Simulacra” on November 16th, a release that is both focused on memorable hooks and technical proficiency. Although the content of the album is akin to bands such Skyharbor and Animals as Leaders, what makes “Simulacra” interesting and distinctive is fusion of the styles that aren’t often a subject of exploration.

The album opener “Hourly Painted Obscurity” is a six minute tease of what the rest of the album contains; its post-rock atmosphere unfolds towards more prog-oriented patterns. Its clean Gilmour-esque guitar solo fills every single space it has to inhabit. “Parallels,” which follows, is already known from before, as the band chose this piece as a single announcing their work in 2013. Its uplifting atmosphere sways around the vocals and textured guitar work.

Opus of a Machine are set to release their debut album "Simulacra" on November 16th

Suffice to say, there is more than enough of a variety to keep the music from sounding stale or rehashed. Although Opus of a Machine’s true calling lies in melodic, guitar-driven progressive rock / metal, the stylistic curveballs here are fully realised and sound great. Song structures seem arranged to cater to a string of individually satisfying moments, as opposed to the ideas all contributing to the overall whole of a composition. Opus of a Machine have taken some great steps towards smoothing out their proggy segues and detours. Although they are still weighted towards complex arrangement and strict composition over the merits of more conventional songwriting, there are plenty of hooks to stave off dryness. The songs, “A Slow Embrace,” and “Crack in the Soul” are all fine examples of how progressive rock can be made melodically sound, yet remain relevant. Opus’ skill with melody is only amplified by the vocal talents of Mitchell Legg, who owns a voice perfectly suited to the band’s sound. Legg’s vocals (who is backed up by Zachary Greensill’s voice in certain parts) are uncompromisingly melodic and graced with serenity, but impressive above all else is that his delivery is distinctive and even unique.

Although the meaning of the album title refers to a representation or imitation of a person or thing, Opus of a Machine have produced an album that trims a lot of progressive metal’s fat without losing any of the magic. Greater things are expected to come from them in the future.

Simulacra” is out on November 16th. Pre-order it on Bandcamp.


1. Hourly Painted Obscurity
2. Parallels
3. An Echo Undone
4. Simulacra
5. A Slow Embrace
6. The Feeding
7. Crack in the Soul
8. Tuatara


Mitchell Legg – vocals, guitars
Dale Prinsse – bass
Trevor Gee – drums
Zac Greensill – guitars




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