EP Review: Nucleust – Resistivity

Nucleust - Resistivity

Emotion rings true on Nucleust’s new EP Resistivity. The Perth, Australia band, offer yet more volatile music to the metalcore masses. Music that jolts the heart, that shocks the bones, that sends shock-waves through the body like a thunderbolt.

The screaming tension is there too, bubbling under the weight of the stricken guitars. The musicianship is absolutely key also, and the band have come together to showcase their skills and determination, blasting the sound like a double barrelled shotgun. And it’s all in the name. The band do grieve on this release. The, somewhat, depressive lyrics don’t bombard, but they make the mind think and tick, they’re drenched in a sense of melancholia, a fog, a darkness. They’re magical in a way too, written with verve and imagination. If delving in is a way of escaping the bustle and trappings of day to day life, then Resistivity might be the harsh but compelling outlet that you’ve craved for so long.


Photo credits: DarKSpiritPhotography

The EP kicks off with “Fear the Fearless,” a track that gets the album off on full pelt, with a complex and technical guitar sequence that develops on and wows. The growls add a sense of urgency and are fundamental to the progression of the song. “Tanbur” is a short interlude fully composed and performed on a long-necked string instrument by the same name. The following “Of King and Tree” once again employs tanbur for atmospherics, but chugging riffs are added on top making it refined. The guitar wonderment only generates more appeal. It’s definitely a highlight of the EP, and vocalist Shannon Marston delivers a strong message with his growls and screams, but it is actually clean vocals of, also guitarist, Max Palizban that stand out here. Closing “Faith by the Sword” brings back heavy riffing, backed up by excellent rhythm section comprised of Josh Fox (bass) and Shay William Graham Smith (drums).

Nucleust are a band that showcase a great and honest sound. It might be loud and abrasive at times, but it’s clearly on point. I think it’s the right time for a full-length.

Grab a copy of Resistivity from Bandcamp.


1. Fear The Fearless
2. Tanbur
3. Of king And Tree
4. Faith By The Sword (Re-mastered)


* Shay William Graham Smith – drums
* Shannon Marston – vocals
* Max Palizban – guitars, backing vocals
* Josh Fox – bass




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