North Atlantic Oscillation – The Third Day

North Atlantic Oscillation - The Third Day

North Atlantic Oscillation are considered to be a post progressive rock band heralding from Scotland and are signed to KScope records. Since their debut album Grapling Hooks released in 2010 they have definitely made a name for themselves within the genre and often present a breath of fresh air into the genre with a wonderful use of electronic music blended very well with alternative rock guitar lines and older prog rock vocals. Their latest release The Third Day is no exception to this.

The Third Day is the band’s third studio album for us to wrap our heads around. The Scottish trio have released another full length album that helps staple their place with Anathema as one of the best bands for what they do. The album displays different influences on the band throughout ranging from Pink Floyd to Radiohead to The Flaming Lips.

The album can be one that passes over you but if you fully engage with the album, it is a solid release by this growing band. Sam Healy’s arrangements and programming add a lot of atmosphere to this album, everything placed within the album you can tell is there for a reason, whether it just be a bit of distortion in the background, it adds to the atmosphere very well. Each track flows well into each other giving the listener an overall pleasant experience for the 45 minute run time.

Certain tracks within the album really standout such as Penrose which is an instrumental track perfectly placed in the middle of the album with a repetitive friendly, almost snowy sounding melody that keeps the whole track feeling upbeat yet mysterious.

The last track on the album When to Stop really ends the album in excellent fashion. The track progressively builds up in such a short time creating a wonderful atmosphere that feels as if you’ve just washed up on the shore of a beach through different post rock elements reminiscent of bands such as Mogwai or Sigur Ros.

Overall, The Third Day is a wonderfully crafted album by the band. Sam Healy’s vision for the band can be seen throughout tracks and keeps you drifting along through tracks with the help of Ben Martin’s distant and huge sounding drumming adding more and more atmosphere. The album feels like you’re drifting through the sea freely for 45 minutes until you wash up on the shore feeling peaceful and relaxed.


1. Great Plains II (2:45)
2. Elsewhere (5:38)
3. August (4:38)
4. A Nice Little Place (2:59)
5. Penrose (3:42)
6. Do Something Useful (4:44)
7. Wires (3:46)
8. Pines of Eden (5:57)
9. Dust (7:28)
10. When to Stop (3:13)


* Ben Martin – drums, synths, programming
* Sam Healy – vocals, guitar, keyboards, bass, programming
* Chris Howard – bass

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