Neuromist – Move of Thought

From a miniscule Eastern European republic that has only garnered recent musical attention for their dance-pop Eurovision contestants, one might not expect a death metal band from Moldova. However, where there’s a will, there’s a way, and death metal act Neuromist has been able to break out of their country onto a more international market, despite very little initial exposure from the outside world. However, in a region of the world that can be said to have had a very dark and turbulent history, this band seems to have found a perfect birthplace for a metal band. As their debut, ‘Move Of Thought’s strong display of talent and band tightness will undoubtedly make them one of the up-and-comers in the world of metal, but there are a few issues this band needs to rectify, before they will be able to create something excellent with their skills.

The music here falls very deeply within the realm of technical death metal, an American scene-inspired, bass heavy mix of dissonance, rhythmic experimentation, jazzy elements and alot of heavy riffs. In a way, this band shares the same field as veterans such as Florida metallers Athiest, but to a lesser degree of innovation. However, the songs flow very nicely between the heavy and mellow, jazz-guitar elements. The highlight and go-to track here is ‘Rebuilt Babylon’, which closes off the album with an epic flair, the first sign of clean vocals, and throws in riffs that are as memorable as they are heavy.

One of the more recurring issues I have with the album here are the vocals of growler Vladimir Ghillien. While not necessarily a bad growler, his delivery is quite inconsistent. At times, he will go from some decent grunts that are reminiscent of Kidman from Meshuggah, but at other times it sinks to the point of a amateurish huff.

Instrumentally, the band upholds their technical death metal label quite well. Of particular note is the bass playing of Alex Petriuc, who- quite simply- steals the show. While many bands of similar ilk drown out their bassists in the mixing, Alex’s dystopic style of playing is often at the forefront of the music. With that being said, Neuromist certainly shows promise as an up-and-coming death metal act, but with a little work towards finding an individual identity in the metal scene, the band could easily break out of the Eastern European scene to the rest of the world’s metalheads.


1. The Sixth Dawn (5:33)
2. Bizzare (5:53)
3. Reason Crusade (7:40)
4. Inner Voids (4:52)
5. Lost Grip (3:56)
6. Cortex Tectonics (2:59)
7. Rebuilt Babylon (8:30)


* Alex Petriuc – bass
* Kirill Zmurciuk – guitar
* Vladimir Ghillien – vocal
* Mike Grigorash – drums


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