Neden – Neden

Neden - Neden

Neden is the first record of a promising electronic/ambient duo from Czech Republic, consisting of Jan Jiska & Adam Holub. We dive in a minimalist world where machines and keyboards deliver delicate and silky sounds. The beautiful cover, drawn by František Hudeček, is a great combination of the geometric austerity of Picasso, and the circular obsession of Delaunay.

The notes can ignite like stars in the sky. In this league, Far from the truth retains an aquatic vibe while the ending is in a spacey way. On Phantom marriage the atmosphere is quite dreamy. Modument, on the other hand, amazes us with its Far Eastern flavours. Finally, Peacock theme offers us a dancing lilt.

Keyboards can also blow like a breeze on a cold night. They do so in a melancholic way on Shallow tar pits, marvellously backed by majestic synth layers. The eerie Useless nest displays some shuffling pads, while the beautiful Carousel of the damned one presents some far echoes of barrel organ. The circular saw noises of the mesmerizing Gleaming meadows are followed by pastoral guitar and bird sounds, for a very suggestive contrast between urban and rural spheres. The blowing notes are haunting on Ode to night and its siren-like motif in the background.

Robotic sounds are not forgotten, they retain though a soul thanks to the instillation of a dash of humour in the fantasist melody repeated all along the tune (the amused Cat hat).

Neden transport us with their music to an oneiric world that smells good the old flavours of the electronic music to which such iconic acts like Tangerine Dream, Ashra, or Kraftwerk gave its letters of nobility. Their first effort is a little gem, and should not be overlooked by anyone interested in reflective music.


01. Far from the truth

02. Phantom marriage

03. Useless nest

04. Modument

05.Carousel of the damned one

06.Gleaming meadows

07. Peacock theme

08. Shallow tar pits

09. Cat hat

10. Ode to night

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