Album Review: MYRKUR – Folkesange

Album Review: MYRKUR - Folkesange

Copenhagen, Denmark-based artist Amalie Bruun aka Myrkur is of considerable standing in Scandinavia, but also worldwide. Having explored wide variety of genres throughout her career including rock, indie pop, black metal and nordic folk, Myrkur is back this March 20 with the release of the fourth studio album Folkesange, going from the black metal-infused Mareridt (2017) to stripped down folk tunes, something that Bruun attributes to her becoming a mother months ago.

Folkesange certainly makes for a splendid listen evoking Nordic spirit throughout the record’s 12 songs. Along with heartbeats, Bruun unleashes “Ella,” a taut, stark-naked dirge that serves as the leadoff track to Fokesange. Myrkur tackle traditional Scandinavian folk music with a reverence that belies the youth of its creator, bringing to mind arrangements of English folk songs from the ’50s and ’60s. Bruun‘s round, throaty wonder of a voice wraps itself around each and every word like candle wax, preserving the melody beneath a blanket of lilting vowels and rolling Rs. That this talented artist can deliver these pieces with such a remarkable blend of gentleness and fury is truly a feat. One needs only to listen to a few seconds of “Leaves of Yggdrasil” or “Tor I Helheim” to be completely immersed. By the time the listener arrives at the icy closer, “Vinter,” the warm center of Myrkur’s fourth album begins to glow brighter, and the vastness of its creator’s seemingly simple vision is revealed.

Myrkur has a fully established identity perfectly suited to a themed album like this, with ideas turning into crystalline reality.

Folkesange is out on March 20th via Relapse Records; pre-order the album from this location.

Myrkur - Folkesange

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