Michael Brückner – Your Second Shadow

Michael Brückner - Your Second Shadow

Michael Brückner is a german synthesist who creates electronic/ambient music since 1992. Through minimalist soundscapes and some ethnic elements, he stimulates our imagination and dives us in vast landscapes where wilderness meets cosmos. ‘Your second shadow’ is a bonus CD to the revisited version of ‘Ombra’, an album Michael recorded in late 2009/early 2010. It is “personnalized” when you buy the whole package, meaning that it comes with a different tracklist from one person to the other. The personnalized version reviewed here has the tracklist enclosed below.

On ‘Your second shadow’ , Michael uses all possibilities offered by keyboards and synths to create his musical pieces. The sounds he produces can be percussive/ethnic (“Suspended”), pulsatile (“seduction”), ondulating (“These fires”, “Revival”), ethereal (“In the Shadow of the reviewer”), alarming (“The Shadow machine part 2″, “Western afterglow”), obsessing (“Growing in the shade”), buzzing (“Abandoned”), or intriguing (“Valley of the birds”). The ambiances also vary depending on the tracks. They are in turn serene (“Suspended” with its aquatic keyboards), meditative (“In the Shadow of the reviewer”, like a human that breathes out indefinitely) or dark (“Western afterglow” with its echoing troubled motif). Although we know we are in for quality soundscapes, we don’t know what to expect when one track stops and the other starts, and this is what makes the music of our musician so fascinating.

With a good knowledge of the old days of kosmische musik and Berlin school electronic music on one hand, ambient / ethno-ambient and modern electronica on the other hand, Michael Brückner invites us to a vast retrospective of electronic music through ages. Far from being a simple follower, he built a world of his own.

With his magic keyboards, Michael Brückner creates organic and oneiric music, bringing images of wild nature, cosmos or dreams. He is in the right line of such pioneers like Steve Roach or Robert Rich. His music is a real balm to the heart and the mind and should not be missed for anyone looking for soothing and original music.


01 The Shadow Machine – Part 2

02 Suspended

03 Western Afterglow

04 Growing In The Shade

05 Abandoned

06 Valley Of The Birds

07 Seduction

08 These Fires

09 Revival

10 In The Shadow Of The Reviewer (…or was it the DJ -)

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