An Album That Everybody Should Hear: Mechanical Man’s “Mechanical Man”

Mechanical Man - Mechanical Man

It’s always nice to discover a newcoming band that has hit its creative stride instantly with their debut release. Moscow’s Mechanical Man is one such act, and their self-titled full-titled debut is a release that has the potential to become one of the year’s best newcoming records. Mechanical Man, with a name that rings Canadian prog legends Rush, plays a style of progressive, heavy and melodic metal that recalls groups like Dream Theater, Metallica, Nightwish, Queen and already mentioned Rush, in that the music is more organic in feel.

The album is comprised of everything an album must include, and that is energy, powerful performance, melody, well-thought songwriting, to name but a few of crucial elements. Basically, all of the songs on “Mechanical Man” are aces, as long as you keep your open-minded mood and have this record on repeat for some time. Multiple spins reveal the record in all its shining glory. It’s down tempo when needed, it gets mid-tempo when an opportunity opens, and it surely stands out in the fast and groovy rhythms which hold the main construction of the album.

Mechanical Man

What separates “Mechanical Man” from the rest is the ability to stay focused and keep the warmness and organic feel throughout the album. Most of the songs on “Mechanical Man” are between 6-to-7 minutes long, and while I don’t know if it was the band’s intention to do so, that allows the band to stay focused and deliver top notch performance. Alexey Efimov’s unique vocals are what makes difference on the album. His voice is both powerful and emotional, and it gives the whole album a whole new level of excellence.

Overall, “Mechanical Man” is something that doesn’t happen so often. With a forward thinking songwriting and excellent performance, Mechanical Man offer one of the best progressive metal albums of 2015.


1. Mechanical Man 06:03
2. White Out 07:00
3. Wonderful World 06:38
4. Madhouse 06:35
5. Queen of the Night 04:47
6. Will of Fate 06:30
7. Nightmare Master 06:54
8. Dr. Frankenstein 09:12


* Alexey Efimov – vocals
* Sergey Danilov – guitar
* Alexander Litoshenko – bass
* Evgeny Komarov – keyboards
* Vitaly Ostrov – drums



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