Maritale – Eclore

Maritale - Eclore

Very active on the Quebec scene, Marie-Andrée Delisle, vocalist for the band Maritale, is for sure the voice of the moment to follow, as her versatility and her passion really captivate us. Backed by guitarist Patrick Barriault and bassist Daniel Plante, she leads us to a world that is both theatrical and dark. Just like Alice in Wonderland, Marie-Andrée Delisle visits all along the album regions that are very different from each other. Therefore, she gets on the road (“Route”) to the sensual world of Kate Bush and meets on her way the gallows pole on which Iron Maiden’s sentenced to death asked for his name to be hallowed. She comes closer to the emptiness (“Vide”), where the bees invite her to taste Tiamat’s wildhoney. She trembles (“Frémi”) when meeting Anthrax’s Indians, but then My Dying Bride’s dark caress touches the feathers of a Crow (“Corbeau”) that is bothering her. Marie-Andrée then makes a detour in Teradélie humming her love anthem “La Foule” (the Crowd). When she sees the flowers bloom (“Eclore”), she can at last take a look at the dam Alice In Chains’ members couldn’t believe would be one day constructed. Our explorer then observes, in an ephemeral (“Éphémère”) way though, Argonne forest, just as Watchtower described it. Back in the city (“Ville”) and believing in the myth (“Mythe”) of Voivod, our globetrotter takes part in a treasure chase that those worshipped gods organized for their adorers. At the end, it is a beautiful journey, without hurdles and in less than 40 minutes.

Now with a description in ballad of the music of Quebec’s new sensation, we can take some time to review the vocal side of this first Maritale recording. And here, we are really beside ourselves with joy. In fact, whatever the range (pop, rock, metal, experimental), Marie-Andrée’s chant is simply  astounding. Our young Quebecer is indeed very comfortable in pop category (echoes of Kate Bush strike us on “Route”), but also in experimental range (Diamanda Galas’ spectre wanders on “Corbeau”), and we should not forget metal (Joey Belladonna’s ghost haunts “Fremie”) and rock (the very lively “La Foule”). Each time, vocals are delivered with heart and soul, and the result is astonishing. We can even wonder how such an artist can escape the media’s attention.

With tremolo guitars and accelerated rhythms, the lady doesn’t hide her attraction for metal (see for the matter all references cited above). However, far from limiting herself to rehash some heavy metal heard a thousand times before, she spices it up with an atypical chant, both “eviscerate” and theatrical, what’s more in Molière’s language, adding a dash of pop and rock forged in steel. The amalgamation makes sparks and hopefully will draw the attention of the greatest possible number of people.


01 Eclore

02 Corbeau

03 Ville

04 Ephemere

05 Fremie

06 La foule

07 Mythe

08 Route

09 Le vide


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