Mario Tomic – Art Lines

Mario Tomic - Art Lines

Internationally renown and award-winning guitarist, Mario Tomic plays delicately in mainly ambient/loungey jazz-rock realm.

On Art Lines he performed everything (guitar, keyboards, drums, programming). Drums and keyboards are not in a soloing perspective, they are there to support Mario‘s main goal: highlight the beauty of his guitar soloing. And regarding the guitar, it is most of the time in a velvet delicate tone (imagine Eric Johnson at his softest with “sliding” and “echoing” effects): it delves into several emotional phrases (gilmouresque on Rain Cabaret and Falls Avenue, Albert Lee-like on Fantasy Theatre and Falls Avenue as well, Jeff Beck-like on Lonsome Train and Echo Over Voices, Hendrixian on Love Story, Santana-like on Endless Blue, Jim Hall-like on Misty Landscapes). Drums are slow and stay straight, while keyboards are organic with their “breathing” pattern, as if “inhaling” and “exhaling”, and at times also bubbling (Rain Cabaret, Fantasy Theatre, Love Story) or orchestral (Lonsome Train, Echo Over Voices). Falls Avenue escapes a bit this general description in that its obsessive bass, marching drums and Hammond give a groovy and funky feel to the track.

With stunningly beautiful and delicate guitar picking, Art Lines is a very soothing album that showcases a great sensitivity and will cheer you up.


01. Rain Cabaret
02. Fantasy Theatre
03. Falls Avenue
04. Lonsome Train
05. Love Story
06. Endless Blue
07. Misty Landscapes
08. Echo Over Voices


* Mario Tomic – all instruments


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