Malacoda – Malacoda

Malacoda - Malacoda

Formed sometime last year by the multi-instrumentalist Lucas Di Mascio, Malacoda is a brand new Canadian heavy metal band but highly influenced by many other genres, that has just released their first self-titled record, “Malacoda”. Inspired by Dante’s Inferno, Malacoda is the character that offers the band not only its name, but also the path to mythological and metaphoric lyrics.

The record starts off with the melancholic intro for “Abandon all Hope”, dark themes surfacing over the alert gothic rhythms, mingling triple times with repeated stops and elaborated solos, the riff on the fading background becoming the one that unites the song under the mark of a darker influenced rock.

Right from the start the titles chosen for the ten songs on the record give out most of the themes. The shadowy approach that the record was built on can be discovered and rediscovered beneath all the layers of the songs, as on “Lobotomy of the Heart”.  Accentuated and mythical lyrics spiced up with extremely catchy choruses immediately stick with the listener. It’s in the instrumentals where you can hear the different influences, ranging from power to some atmospheric black metal reminiscent of Agalloch, mostly notable during “Cutting” or “Phantom Pain”. A strong demonstration of the pliable vocals, easily escalating from cleans to heavy, bass range or gothic whispers is offered especially during “Vigilante”.

Another proof of the blend between genres lies in “Lamia”, where a Tool-ish bass gradually makes way for one of the most energetic tracks on the record. “Outback” finishes the album strong, giving a valid demonstration of power metal in the style of an early Memory Garden while adding up some very welcomed growls.

Even though the record isn’t right up my alley, it does feature some very good and trained vocals, skillful solos, compelling bass lines and it offers the listener an overall good gloomy record.

Favorite tracks: “Phantom Pain” and “Abandon All Hope”.


1. Abandon All Hope 03:57
2. Cutting 03:58
3. Deafening 03:46
4. Vexation 04:01
5. Lobotomy of the Heart 03:30
6. Vigilante 03:57
7. Cruel Departure 04:15
8. Phantom Pain 04:06
9. Lamia 03:44
10. Outback 04:23


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