Machine Mass Trio – As Real as Thinking

That making “best of” lists of a year knows how to be like a double-edged sword justifies the album we have in question here. During my odyssey through the land of Turks, my mailbox got overloaded with the sound carriers that much that I broke my scissors while cutting all those envelopes. Machine Mass Trio is the second of three releases coming from MoonJune Records I found in the mailbox. The one is Slivovitz‘s Bani Ahead which I already reviewed and is processed HERE.

Machine Mass Trio is comprised of already known douBt‘s Tony Bianco on drums & percussions and Michele Delville on guitar, bouzouki & electronic. Joined by Jordi Grognard, who is reposnsible for tenor sax, flute, bass clarinet and electronic tempura, Machine Mass Trio emerges to a sonic journey through various soundscapes, putting up together unusual  powerful improvisations which rely heavily on the band’s identifying genre of fusion jazz. Other elements in the construction of As Real as Thinking include somewhat surprising presence of psychedelia and space rock, enough to be mentioned.

As written in the press release, the CD sounds alternately groovy and meditative, trancy and punkish, what is telling enough which resources served as a template in putting As Real as Thinking together. Nothing is lacking on this record, a spontaneity followed by masterful performance of the trio pushes the album right to the top of progressive fusion for 2011, next to Planeta Imaginario‘s Optical Delusions and Accordo Dei Contrari‘s Kublai. With something more than 60 minutes, As Real as Thinking lights up the final trimester of 2011.

Recorded live in studio without any additional overdubbing, ARAT imposes the factor of spontaneity to the extent where it becomes a soundtrack to one’s fast and twisted everyday’s life. Dreamy at moments, intense and heavy when needed, the album splutters of many different ingredients, hard to predict but easy enough to catch and get in a flow. Crispy saxophones of young Grognard accompanied by ideologically driven to perfection drumwork of Bianco and always inspiring Delville define the Machine’s clock.

Tunes like Knowledge with kind of covert drumming , rocking vibe of Let Go or Eastern flavored Khajurao, with 18 minutes long centerpiece Falling Up are like a finesse to a work of exceptional beauty. I wouldn’t like to think that MMT is a first-round-knockout-like record, as there is proved potential and quality laying behind its walls. As real as Thinking appears to be just an impulse of the great creative energy, an impulse worth of thousands cranks.


01. Cuckoo
02. Knowledge
03. Let Go
04. Khajuaro
05. Hero
06. UFO-RA
07. Falling Up
08. Palitana Mood


* Tony Bianco – drums, loops, percussions
* Michel Delville – electric guitar, bouzouki, electronics
* Jordi Grognard – tenor sax, bass clarinet, flute, bansuri, electronic tempura

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